Chapter 6: The Burden

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I've been staying at the Peason's for quite sometime now, Xianon doesn't want me to leave, she just had another episode yesterday and we decided to just bring her to the hospital to prevent another attack. Everyone's worried about her worsening situation.

"How are you feeling ?" I asked her as soon as I entered the white room seeing her awake.

"Much better." she softly hugged me and smiles as soon as I sat beside her bed. "Where's mum?" she asked.

"I don't know I didn't get to see her, she already left when I arrived."

"How was Aqua and Blue?" Oh, right the fishes.

"Still swimming?" I answered unsure.

"Jerk." she laughed and pushed me lightly.

"What? How would I know? Fishes don't talk." I defend.

"Well you could've just said they're fine and that they've been eating on time." she said crossing her arms.

I just chuckle and kissed her head and hugged her tightly, I didn't bother to answer, I missed her and I just wanna hold her like this... Forever.

"I missed the sea." she said still clinging onto me.

"And you didn't miss me?" I fake a frown.

"Of course I do." she said kissing my nose and hugged me back.

"Well if you really miss the sea, you better recover immediately." I ordered, smoothing her hair and combing it with my fingers.

"Aye aye captain." I felt her smile as she mumbles those words on my chest.

Days goes by so fast and we're out again. Sometimes Xia has her milds attacks of vomiting and getting dizy, sometimes cough blood and I can't deny I'm scared of what's happening but we can't do much about it anymore, but still she keeps on fighting, acting like there's nothing wrong but I can sometimes hear her crying at night in her room and I know she's struggling inside just as I am for her too. But nothing's changed I learned to love her even more. And Each times passes I knew, honestly that she's never gonna make it for long and I don't wanna think about it cause it kills me too. Xia's been my home for months now and I can't afford to lose her. It'll just crash my world that I built with her.

"Earth to Francis..." I heard Xia's voice and I stopped spacing out.

"Sorry what were you saying?" I said scratching the back of my neck.

"I said I wanna go swimming." she said pointing to the sea.

"Baby it's too hot." I whined, "I don't wanna get sunburns."

"The water's cold you'll see." she kissed my cheeks then pulled me towards the sea.

"You can swim, I can watch." I winked at here.

"Nope." she said popping the letter 'P' and continue pulling me.

"We can swim later, when the suns not that hot anymore." I said pulling her towards me and I hugged her from the back.

"Alright." she surrendered, resting her head on my chest.

We sat for a little longer under the coconut tree munching the ham and cheese sandwich Mrs. Pearson made for us. It was a really peaceful afternoon plus having Xia here by my side makes me wanna melt under the sun. God, since did I become so sloppy? I was about to drift into a sleep when a shadow hover above us. Blinking several times eyeing the person standing beside us that I can't seem to recognize due to the blinding sunlight.

"Hey Francis!" a sharp irritating voice spoke up and I already know who is it.

Xia hurriedly got up to check whom that voice belongs to, I see her sudden change of demeanor dropping her gaze to me and then back to her. It was Maggie one of the popular girl in Black Oak, the daughter of the Pier owner. She's wearing nothing but a very daring two piece hardly covering her privates with a floater on hand.

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