Chapter Forty Two

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Jax's PoV

This witch was strong.

I was standing between her and my mate who was still laying lifeless on the patio floor. I could feel the body heat coming from her, confirming that she was still alive but it did little to calm my nerves down.

"Just give up wolf" the witch hissed at me, bring my attention away from my mate and back into reality. "There is no way you can beat me, you can barely stand as it is" she laughed as she flicked the daggers blade in my direction again.

Unfortunately the witch was right, I was starting to struggle. She had gotten one good blow with the blades edge on my underside which is causing me to bleed heavily and has given me a slight limp.

But I wasn't going to give up, not for anyone. I drew strength from deep within me, my wolf helping and I coiled for another attack.

Just when I was about to spring the witches facial expression changed. Gone was the fearless and ruthless look as she zoned in on me for her kill. She was now looking at something behind me with fear.

She dropped the dagger she had been holding and just stood there, frozen to her spot.

I frowned before turning around slightly whilst still leaving the witch in sight just in case this was a trick. What could have caused her to shake in such fear and shock?

I looked out of the corner of my eye but when I saw a blinding light I couldn't help but turn the rest of the way to take in the sight.

My mate, who was only moments ago passed out on the floor, was floating slightly above the ground. Her eyes shone a translucent moon stone colour and her skin was emitting a golden glow which reminded me of the sun. Her hair was being whipped in all direction around her face, like it had a mind of its own and she was staring at the witch with sheer rage.

What the...

"Sorceress Merisha, you have been found guilty of violating one of the covens seven sacred vows and is hereby called upon by the high courts of witchcraft for punishment and execution". My little Annabelle didn't sound like herself at all, there was a slight edge to her voice that made me know that the person in my little mates body wasn't my little mate.

Figures made from dust and fog suddenly emerged from the ground and advanced onto Sorceress Merisha who started screaming and begging for mercy.

The figures reacted little to her cry's and pleas for help as they all grabbed onto her and engulfed her. Within seconds she was surrounded, so much so I couldn't even make out her figure anymore and within a blink of an eye she was gone.

Well that was pretty cool.

I stood there for a second, taking in the empty space the witch had previously occupied before I turned back to face whoever was in my little Annabelle.

My hackles raised as I growled at her, how dare they possess my mate.

"Calm yourself Alpha Jax, I mean your mate no harm, for how could I when she is the only link to my people?"

I frowned at her for a second before I had a moment of clarity and quickly bowed to the floor, showing the moon goddess the respect she deserved. I can't believe I just growled at our goddess.

"Rise Alpha Jax, I do not wish for your submission. I purely came here for an answer."

I frowned at her and cocked my head to the side in confusion. What answer? I couldn't shift yet because the wound to my underside was still healing, if I shifted it would re open.

As if she could somehow sense my confusion and frustration my mate... I mean moon goddess smiled at me before walking forward and placing her hand on my forehead.

At first nothing happened but then all of a sudden the cuts and gashes that ran across my body started to rise in temperature and become increasingly itchy. I wanted to just get away from this foreign feeling but my body remained rooted to the ground.

Before long my cuts started to emit their own golden glow before magically closing up, as if they had never been there in the first place.

I shifted from foot to foot, testing my strength and when I felt no uncomfortable tug I looked up at her in shock. I was healed.

I instantly started to shift back into my human form, needing to get some answers as to what was going on with my mate.

I felt a presence behind me and I turned around to find Will with a pair of shorts in his hands held out to me.

I put them on before bringing him into a tight hug, he looked a little worse for wear but nothing that wouldn't heal over time. "It's good to see you brother"  I whispered before releasing him with a smile.

My brother being a man of very few words just nodded in response with a smile, his way of saying he was glad to be back.

I looked behind him and suddenly noticed we had a very large audience, everyone that was involved with the rescue had made their way into the clearing and were staring at us with shock clear as day in their eyes. The people that were following Alpha Matthew seemed as if they had come out of whatever trance they had been put in and were now looking around confused.

I looked back at my mate, even blooded and bruised she was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. "What answer are you wanting?"

She smiled at me as a caring mother would smile at her child. "Are you willing for me to re form your mate bond to Annabelle? Think about your decision before you state it".

What kind of idiotic question was that?! Of course I wanted to be mated with Annabelle, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Even if she wasn't my mate I would have still appreciated her beauty. "Yes" I stated in a strong voice, trying not to growl at her as the anger of her question ran through my veins.

"Are you sure Alpha Jax? Once I re form it the bond can not be undone".

"Look, by some miracle you paired me with this amazing mate and I intend to be with her for the rest of my life. I will fight for her, kill for her, die for her. I acknowledge that this won't be the last time we experience trouble because of who she and and what she shares with you but there is no way you are taking away the best thing that has ever happened to me"'I growled as my fists clenched beside me.

"Just give me back my mate and I will do anything you ask, just give me back the mate that I fell I love with the moment I laid eyes on her". My voice cracked slightly towards the end of my speech but I cleared my throat, trying to hide the emotion I was feeling.

The moon goddess assessed me through my mates eyes before giving one swift nod. As fast as I could I quickly ran over to my Annabelle as she started to come crashing down as the moon goddess' presence left her.

I caught her and wrapped her securely in my arms, she was finally back where she belonged.

"I love you too" I heard her whisper before she passed out in my arms, feeling the telling tingles of the reformed mate bond running through my veins. 


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