4| Bullies

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I present you a question

What then is a friend?

Is it someone to confide in?

To trust to the very end?


I guess you now realise

We let that dream drift away

But let's refresh your memory

Visit the place we can't stay


In the past we were happy

We were the best of friends

Even when we fought

We'd always make amends


I remember how we'd imagine

Fantasy worlds of fairies and elves

We'd create castles and kingdoms

From the books on our shelves


But the biggest of castles

And strongest of magic

Couldn't stop the bullies

Dreams are flawed and tragic


You were constantly teased

For your scrawny figure

You hated what they called you

It was an explosive trigger


But while you thought

You alone faced insult

Those same bullies found

My fatal fault


When you weren't there

They were teasing me

Simply for being your friend

I'm glad you didn't see


I'm glad you didn't see

What defending you meant

But I'd still take it all

Every kick and punch sent


Because while physically

I needed time to heal

Our friendship kept me sane

Our castles and magic were real


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