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Putting out the massive fire that lit up the whole Burrow was most definitely a team task. 

Everybody that was able to use their wands legally  - the twins, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Tonks, Remus, Bill, Fleur and of course Aurora - had thousands of litres of water escaping from their wands. The fire died down eventually, but it left a giant hole in everyone's hearts; and if the Burrow burning down wasn't enough to hurt them, the look on Molly Weasley's face most definitely was.

The short, red haired woman was wrapped in her husbands arms. Her body shook as tears streamed freely from her eyes down to Arthur's shirt.

Aurora felt a figure walking up to her right hand side. Gently twisting her head she noticed a distraught looking Harry standing only a few metres behind her. Without question, the black haired witch turned to face the sixteen year old, wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a comforting sibling hug.

"How did she know we were here?" Harry's quiet voice asked. His voice was hoarse and Aurora instantly knew the body had been crying; just like they all had been.

"I don't know, Harry," Aurora mumbled against his shoulder, "I don't know." It was the truth, she didn't know how the insane woman found her, she didn't even know the real reason she found the pair. Was it just to mock them about what she did the year previous? Seeing as it was the first Christmas for the pair since Sirius' tragic and untimely death.

The adults had decided that they would be the ones to stay back and start rebuilding and cleaning up the damage that the fire caused. Whilst the young teens - who were all going back to school in just a few days - were to go off with the twins and Aurora and stay in the flat with them for the rest of the night.

And so that happened, each young adult got a teen and apparated with them to the flat above the joke shop. Glad that Hermione had decided to leave earlier seeing as apparating three people was an incredibly hard task; especially for young wizards that haven't fully mastered the skill just yet.

Ron and Harry shared Fred and Aurora's room - seeing as the couple did have the slightly bigger one - and Ginny went into George's, whilst the twins and Aurora stayed out in the living room, not even thinking about sleeping anytime soon.

Fred brewed them up two fresh pots of coffee and with the help of that the trio stayed up. Not talking, just thinking. 

Aurora couldn't help but think to all the near-death experiences she's had, in just the year alone. She couldn't help but think of her father. Of the Weasley's. Of Harry. Every thought caused her to frown deeper, caused her heart to hurt more.

After what felt like hours, Aurora looked up from her empty mug and quickly took note both of the twins spread on their armchairs, their mouths open as their chests moved up and down calmly, soft snores leaving their mouths as they managed to sleep peacefully. Her tired, bloodshot chocolate eyes lingered on Fred's calm-looking face, as he wiggled in his sleep; trying to find a comfier position. She loved the ginger haired, freckled boy. Deeply. Which was yet another reason for her to fight the oncoming war.

AN- This was just a quick filler chapter. Mainly because I just want you guys to know I am so thankful for everyone who's been reading this story and has stuck with it. 

Recently, I've been thinking of how I'd end it (as I'm ready to leave this story behind and focus on my other ones, but I do want to give it a satisfying end for everyone thats stuck through it) And I do have a couple of ideas of how it'll come to an end. 

But don't worry guys, the end isn't too close just yet.

Keep commenting (cause I really do love reading all your comments) and have a great day x

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