Behind Blue Eyes

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I was dreading the moment the plane would land. I didn’t want to live with my aunt in France, so I decided to move in with a family in Forks, Washington. They were called the Cullens and had like 5 other foster kids. Carlisle Cullen would be waiting at the airport for me.

    As I exited the plane, I felt an intense pain in my gut. You would figure I’m used to the scars’ pain by now. I had been in a car crash that killed both of my parents and left me with massive scarring. As far as I know, nothing specific triggers the pain. It just randomly spasms from time to time.

    A blonde haired man in his early thirties rushed over as I gasped and keeled over a bit.

    “What’s wrong?” He anxiously asked.

    “Nothing,” I said through gritted teeth, “Just the scars.”

    “What scars?” He asked. Clearly puzzled.

    “From the car crash with my parents, I have scars that hurt like hell every once in a while.” I informed him. I knew I could trust him because the nametag on his lab type coat said Dr. Cullen. He must be Carlisle.

    We were walking towards the exit now that I had recovered from the spasm.

    “Is that why you came here?” he said curiously. I was getting sick of all his questions, even if they were simple.

    “I didn’t want to live with my aunt in France, so I came here after my parents were killed in the crash. Why? You didn’t know?” I was honestly astounded that the placement agency hadn’t told him why I was coming.

    “I was told that you didn’t want to move to France, but not that your parents were dead or that you had excessive scarring.” He said calmly. Ugh. He was so calm. Even when talking about my parents’ death. Carlisle was starting to irritate me.

    At his family’s house, well… mansion really, I met the rest of the foster kids. They were all flawless, pale and had circles under their eyes. As Carlisle said the introductions, a girl who looked just like me walked in the front door. Except for the fact that she has brown eyes, she could have been my twin. The big guy piped up,

“Hey! Bella has a twin! AWESOME!” I guess Bella must be the girl who just walked in. Bella blushed and walked quickly to Edward. I was somehow stunned someone looked like me that much. Clearly she was too.

    “Hi,” I said shyly, “I'm Noelle.” The pixie like girl rushed up and gave me a tight hug.

    “Hi!” she squealed. I just stood there, a blush creeping over my cheeks. The other blonde guy, not Carlisle, Jasper came over and pulled Alice off of me, apologizing for her exuberance.

    “It’s okay” I told him even though her tight hug had made my scars hurt a bit. Jasper went and stood against the far wall like I was a freak and he wanted to be as far away as possible.

    Maybe I could ask Bella what his problem was later. She seemed the most normal of this bunch. If I could catch her without Edward, they seemed to be glued at the hip.

    Alice suddenly had a far away look in her eyes, like she was staring at the air or something. Edward gasped at her and Jasper quickly tugged her out of the room, but not before I heard her quiet gasp of horror.

    “Is she gonna be okay?” I whispered to Bella.

    “Yeah, she kinda phases out like that a lot.” Bella replied, but I detected some worry in her voice.

    Carlisle showed me to an empty bedroom that he said would be mine for however long I stayed with them.  As I unpacked I heard worried voices from downstairs. I walked down the staircase wondering what the fuss was about. I could hear them discussing my scars and what they thought had happened to me.

    I instantly felt hurt that they would talk about me behind my back and I hadn’t even been there an hour. When the one named Emmett suggested I had gotten mauled by a bear I stormed in.

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