School Shooting

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This was a requested one-shot from @A1isonP1ayz. Thanks for requesting and I hope you like it! Don't be afraid to give me your honest opinion, I probably need some constructive criticism. 

You and C/N are already dating in this one and it has a happy ending.


Your POV


The only noise heard in the whole school when it all started.

But then, the only noise became screams.

Pure havoc on the most normal day, there could have been.

But I still, we had to keep our promise.


I sat in my chair in the library, trying very hard not to laugh at B/F/N's jokes since we were going to get shushed by an annoyed looking old lady if we got too loud.

It was all a normal third period. The usual cycle of joking around, being glared at by teachers, and then being bored with the studying we were being forced to do. But then suddenly, it wasn't so normal. One of the sounds that I never would've thought I would hear on school grounds became the only thing pounding through my ears, even though, they were coming from the other side of the school. Gunshots.

Of course, we didn't think they were gunshots at first.

"The seniors are probably playing pranks again," B/F/N said, a grin still plastered on her face from previous jokes.

But then they came again.


People's screams following. But the worst part? The silence after. When everyone froze from the shock upon the realization that there very well may be something wrong.

"All students and teachers begin going into lockdown. There is a shooter on the premises but remain calm. Run away from the gunshots if they seem to be far. If not, lockdown in the classroom just like our drill. Everything will be alright so remain calm," the school secretary's voice was heard over the intercom and it rang throughout the library.

Of course, we wanted to believe everything was alright but then again, the secretary's voice was shaking and she didn't seem too sure herself.

All the kids who suffer from anxiety started panicking and even students without any mental issues still stood frozen with fear. The teachers were also clearly scared as well, but the 3 teachers and the librarian that was there immediately started filing students out of the library and letting them run out the main exit that was thankfully near the school library.

However, I couldn't bring myself to go along to safety.

"Come on Y/N! Now is no time to think, just run!" B/F/N exclaimed, pulling my arm towards the exit.

The opposite direction of where I should be.

And I knew it was foolish. I could've probably met with him after when the shooter was caught and brought to jail. But I needed to see him, make sure that he was okay. So against any sain person's better judgment, I climbed out of one of the library windows, thankful that we were on the first floor, and ran towards the west side of the school. That side of the school is next to the gym, which is the period C/N is currently in. It's also the side where C/N and I have "our spot" which is opposite of the fence facing the school buildings. 

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