101 Reasons... (A Guide to Understanding How Some Boys Think): THE LIST

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1. Not being expected to act masculine

2. Being called things like 'cute' and 'pretty

3. Dresses and skirts

4. Hose and tights (especially sheer/silky ones)

5. High heels

6. Makeup

7. Mani/pedis

8. Jewelry especially dangling earrings

9. Low-rise, Skinny jeans

10. That awkward first bra buying experience

11. My own breast

12. Being told I need to put on a bra

13. Worrying if my boobs look even

14. Boobs getting in the way

15. Running with boobs

16. Worrying about your bra showing through your thin t-shirts

17. Doing my hair every morning

18. Inappropriately short dresses

19. Waking up an extra hour early, just to straighten or curl your hair with an iron

20. Bikinis, tankinis, one piece bathing suits

21. Shaving your legs

22. Waxing

23. Hormones

24. Getting emotional

25. Floor length formal gowns

26. Worrying about your mascara smudging

27. Boys

28. Getting inappropriate looks from guys

29. Being thought of as a sex object

30. Being pressured by guys wanting to have sex with you

31. Being hated by other girls because they think you are prettier than them

32. Guys getting nervous just talking to you

33. Having guys get turned on just because you are talking to them

34. Guys getting turned on just because of what you're wearing

35. Slutty Halloween costumes

36. Getting treated like a princess

37. Shoe Shopping

38. Shopping at Victoria's Secret

39. Any clothes shopping

40. Being called miss

41. Getting out of speeding tickets

42. Being feminine

43. First dates with wonderful, sweet straight guys

44. Meeting his parents and having them gush over you and tell you how beautiful you are

45. Being daddy's little girl

46. Having to sit down to use the toilet

47. Running for Homecoming Queen

48. Prom

49. Men hold doors open for you

50. Being judged for having guy friends

51. Not expected to be as strong as boys

52. Wanting to murder the girl that is flirting with your crush

53. Flirting with another girls man

54. Valentine's Day

55. Being told you're beautiful

56. Cheerleading tryouts

57. Using the girls bathroom

58. Less body hair

59. Sugar daddies

60. Thigh gap

61. Worrying about your looks

62. Worrying about your weight

63. Mood swings

64. Getting the last word

66. Being some guy's arm candy

67. Hair salon appointments

68. Crying over a sad movie

69. Gushing over romantic movies

70. Crushing on every teen movie male lead actor

71. Romantic dates

72. Not having to pay during dates

73. Getting caught by your friend, making out in a dark movie theater with her older brother

74. Being sexualized

75. Guys undressing you with their eyes

76. Older men getting turned on looking at you

77. Getting eye-screwed just walking through the mall

78. Boyfriends

79. Being envied by other girls

80. Boyfriend problems

81. The possibility of being a mom (adoption is a great thing)

82. Hair styles. How many different ways can girl swear their hair? Like a gabillion zillion infinity

83. Girls grow into women

84. Girls can wear pants or dresses and look awesome in both

85. Spa Day

86. Free dinners

87. Men sweat, girls glow ((Sweat is sexy on girls)

88. Sugar daddies

89. Muscular men

90. Not having a penis

91. Having a vagina

92. You can play with boobies all day

93. When a girl collects stuffed animals it's cute

94. You can run "like a girl" and not get laughed at.

95. You can get a guy to change his mind just by pulling up your skirt a bit

96. A girl can wear her boyfriends clothes and it's sexy, but if a guy trys to wear. . .

97. Marriage (getting to be so guys wife)

98. No more boners

99. Being able to be experience vaginal sex

100. Se x

101. Knowing I'm finally in the right body

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Why do you love being or wish you could be a girl?

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Bonus reasons:

* When girls get hit between the legs, they shake it off and keep going

* Girls don't have to worry about hiding erections at inappropriate times

* The less you wear, the more popular you become

* Multiple Orgasms

* You can have sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone you want (guys are easy to convince)

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