101 Reasons... (A Guide to Understanding How Some Boys Think) an introduction

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Hi, you know me. You probably don't know me personally, but if you are currently still attending school, you see me everyday.

I'm that feminine acting boy in a couple of your classes. You know, the one that the other guys make fun of and talk about when they think I can't hear them. The one you and your girl friends occasionally make fun of. The one that you could swear, had on girls jeans the other day. Yeah, that guy.

Remember that day you know you saw the outline of girls panties through my jeans, but none of your friends really believed you, even though you even seen them briefly when I bent over to pick my book off the floor after a jick slapped it off my desk? Well, guess what? You were right.

Truth is, as some people have wondered aloud, yes, I do want to be a girl. Ive always wished I'd been born female. Living the life of a girlnin my goal and I'm well on my way to that goal, too. No one other than my mom and my sister and the doctor knows that I've been taking male hormones blockers for the past six months to keep my body from being ravaged by male puberty. They are also the only ones who know I plan to return to school next fall as a female a student.

What are some reasons I would rather be a girl than a boy, you ask? Well I compiled a list for you. Some of the things, if you're a girl, you may get. You'll go, "What??? That's weird," or "Why??? I hate that part of being a girl. " But, if you look at it from my point of view and think about each reason, it might help you understand why I want to have those problems or experience those situations, even though most genetic girls my see them as a negative.

I hope my list can help you to understand me. If you have any questions or comments about anything on my list, leave an inline comment.

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A/n: Once again, just so there's no confusion: the character in this story is NOT me, sabrynabrooklynne. If there are any similarities to you or anyone you know, leave me a comment about it. I'd love to hear all about it.

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