Wolf.......????? Chapter V

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I know I haven't updated in like forever. I've had this written down for a while thought i'd finally update.

Angie POV

The beast on top of me was a wolf. Well it wasn't the typical size a wolf should be. It was about twice the size a regular wolf would be. I know creepy right. I started to struggle to get up from under the 'mutated wolf.' Once I started to wiggle underneath it, a low menacing growl emmited from it's........muzzle????? I did not know if the regular terms of a wolf's body would apply to this beast. But I had to admitt it was magnificent. I refrained from my attempts of escape and further inspected the 'Wolf' as much as I could from my point of view, the ground. The wolf had hazel eyes, and brown fur. I reached out my hand and stroked it's fur. Surprisingly it didn't snap at me. And it's fur was really soft, like a teddy bear.The wolf stiffened from my touch, which I thought was wierd. And it got even wierder when it started to purr like a fucking cat. What the hell has happened to nature. Wolf's purring?????? But the purring calmed me down, like it felt so wierd but right at the same time. Okay as that crossed my mind, I started to freak out because I was sitting here with a wolf on top of me and I was petting it. And I was enjoying myself and so was this creature; can my day get any weirder. Like seriously. I stop petting it and crawled away from the wolf and bumped into a tree. The wolf let out a sound of what sounded like disappointment. I was trying to figure out a way to get away from it. I looked at my surrounding for any type of object I could use as a weapon. I see a large branch and start to crawl towards it, as the wolf approaches me with the weirdest expression on it's face. I stat to run trying to get my 'weapon' before the wolf reaches me. Success!!!!! I reach the branch and let out a squeal of happiness. But it was cut short as the wolf's shadow appeared upon the forest floor; overcastting my small figure. I freeze up immediately thinking please don't kill me. I turn around to face my fate. Oh joy!!!!(Sarcasm!!). I gasp in surprise "Troy????.........."

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