Birthday Party

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Just as Chu Feng disappeared into the darkness, Mingyu and Mei Lien were waiting for her. The two had arrived right when Chu Feng said her farewell. They created an entrance since they couldn't find one.

Mei Lien ran over to hug Chu Feng, "I knew you were in trouble. I felt it."

It was an effect of the blood, though Mei Lien could only feel when Chu Feng is in trouble or if something happened to Chu Feng. Chu Feng, on the other hand, already knew that the two were coming to her for she could track Mei Lien's every movement.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming down the exit hole. Mingyu immediately turned into a his serpent form and took the them out. 

"You can fly?" Chu Feng questioned. 

"Mingyu can do awesome things!" Mei Lien said proudly. She already got used to Mingyu and was no longer afraid of him like at the beginning. 

Chu Feng nodded and felt Mingyu's scales. It got even tougher than before. He's really growing quickly. A few days earlier, she read a book about serpents and dragons and other types of divine beasts.

She remembered it said that these divine beasts would grow only when they want to, when they desire something, or when they felt threatened. He's been growing and growing. She could feel his energy growing everyday and so much that Nian city may be a place impossible for him to stay. It would become a dangerous place.

Now that she's settle Han Qin Xi's business, she only needs to worry about her own problems. Closing the shop for a while and finding a place to live in the mountains would be the best for Mingyu. Though she couldn't just go to any mountain.

She needed to find a place where no one would go and the only place that comes to mind was Death Valley, a place haunted by ghosts and where all types of demons reside. Most people who goes there was never seen coming back.

"Death Valley it is," Chu Feng mumbled. 

"Huh? Did you say something, Miss?" Mei Lien asked. She was sure she heard her Miss say something about Death Valley but wanted confirmation as that place was something people don't dare to mention.

"Death Valley. We'll be going there for a while." Chu Feng said without giving a second thought.

"What?!" Mei Lien turned pale. "Miss, you have to rethink this. Death Valley is not a place where we can go and come back anytime."

"It's fine. Mingyu can continue to grow more when he is in his natural environment." 

Seeing that her Miss was settled on that thought, she reluctantly agreed. If it is what her Miss wants, she'll respect it.

It would be a while for the divorce process to be set in place and finish as it will have to go to the administration to be recorded. She'll have enough time by then to prepare and leave.

Chu Feng was dropped off at her carriage by Mei Lien and Mingyu. She couldn't leave since Madam Zhou wanted to her (CF) to leave with her (MZ) since she (MZ) had something important to say to her (CF).

Mei Lien gave Chu Feng a new set of clothes since Chu Feng's clothes were damp and also gave her some makeup powder before they left. It wasn't good for her Miss' health if she stayed in those wet clothes. 

Sleeping for an hour in her carriage made her back hurt and hungry. Chu Feng's stomach felt like it was eating itself although she just ate a while ago. She peeked out the window just to see that the three moons were still out.

Who would have thought that time went by really slow today although so many things happened. The party was still happening too.

She'll just go back to eat in there after she powder her face and veil herself like other maidens. She had thought that veils weren't very popular but many people wore it and it wasn't even masquerade party.

After finishing preparing herself, Chu Feng went back into the Li Residence. As she walked in, the Young Prime Minister Zhou walked in too at the same time. It looked like the two of them were together and came together.

What was he doing that kept him company till now? She had expected him to have already joined the birthday party long ago. She also didn't want to enter with him so she decided to walk a little faster but it still looked like they came together.

Luckily, they came in when the fireworks were on so most eyes were on the fireworks. It was a horrible idea to walk together even with a veil on.

The male lead had a look of surprise on when he noticed that someone was walking next to him. He was even more surprised when he found out it was Han Qin Xi. Han Qin Xi's existence was really an obstacle for him.

Chu Feng sighed at her luck for today. She didn't even dare meet eyes with the male lead. So much as to say goodbye forever right?

Although not many people saw the two walk in together, the ones that did all happened to be leads: Lou Nan, Zheng Mingran, Lan Jing, Xiao Yan, Xiao Man, He Peizhi, and lastly, Li Yu Yan.

Chu Feng could feel the burning gazes of the leads. It felt like they could all burn her into ashes. Why were they staring? Because she happened to walk in with the male lead?

She did her best to ignore them and found her way to the table where desserts and drinks were set. There, she also found Ming Shu sitting next to He Delun and Master Ling as well as a man in red who was holding his fan. This table seems so out of place and all of them were side characters too. Maybe she can still find another spot to sit.

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