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Barry Allen stepped through the portal and found himself stood in the middle of an alleyway of a massive city, he presumed to be Metropolis.

He stepped out of the alleyway onto a busy street as he watched people pace around the street and plenty of children running around with Superman shirts on and people just generally living their day to day lives.

Barry remembered the words he was told by the speedforce and to look to the sky and he did, seeing something fly by over his head and then something following and then a loud crash could be heard and felt a few streets over.

Quickly Barry used his speed to get to the source of the noise unnoticed as he blends in with the crowd as he watches Superman kneeling down on the floor panting.

"You don't have to do this Zod, you can be better than this." Superman panted as he looked up towards his attacker.

"You're so pitiful... Of course I don't have too... But I want too, there is a difference Kal-El." General Zod gloated as he pushed Superman to the floor and press his boot against his throat.

To Barry's right he saw a kid looking worried for Superman.

"Mom, he is gonna beat him right?" The kid tugged on his mother's shirt as his mother held him against her thigh. Barry sighed to himself as he started to pace through the crowd till he wasn't blocked in and able to move freely before lightning cackled in his eyes and he took his first step before with a blast of thunder he punched hard into Zod's face, sending him flying back as Superman coughed now being able to breathe.

"What's wrong Supes, you normally beat these guys with ease." Barry vibrated his face constantly to mask his identity to Superman and to the crowd.

"Kryptonite.." Superman simply muttered as Barry could see the green glow coming from his skin.

"You were injected with kryptonite?" Barry helped him to his feet wrapping his arm around his shoulder as Superman nodded before rubble shifted as Zod was returning to his feet.

"You will be okay by yourself right?" Barry asked Superman as he clutched his ribs as he let Superman steady himself against the wall.

"I can manage.." Superman fell to his knees once more.

"No you can't... " Barry rubbed the back of his head before sighing. "I've got this, you sit tight." Barry said while stretching his arms and clicking his neck."

"No... I have to beat him." Superman said reluctant to get help from Barry.

"It wasn't an option." Barry sighed before speeding towards Zod as he stands in front of him.

"Who are you?" Zod growled wiping dust off his shoulder as he glares at Barry.

"I'm just a Time Remnant, that's all." Barry shrugged his shoulders before Zod tried reaching and grabbing him. In that swift moment Barry stepped to the side, vibrated his hand through Zod's arm and severed the nerve making him unable to move that arm.

Zod stood there in shock as he stared at Barry before suddenly dropped to the floor after being paralysed by Barry.

He then zoomed back to Superman, who was sat resting against the wall where Barry left him.

"There all done like yesterday's trash." Barry joked as Superman still looked ill.

"Thanks, shouldn't you be back in your city Flash..." Superman muttered.

"I am not this Earth's Flash, I am someone else. Let me get you out of here." Barry grabbed Superman before speeding off towards the Daily Planet's roof.

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