Scanning more of the shelve, I see a picture of her with her team. She's on one of her team mates back holding a trophy in the air with a big smile planted on her face.

I see another picture of her with an older man hugging her. I looks a little closer and notice the similarities of his features to Ella's. This must be Ella's dad, he must of been in his early forties. Her eyes shown with love and happiness directed towards him, he was her hero.

Pulling my eyes away I walk over to Ellas bed and plop on it. Immediately her scent fills my nose, her sheets and blankets smell like her.

Crossing my legs and laying my hands behind my head I get comfortable. When Ella gets out of the shower I want her to come with me to get Riley.

There's no way I'm letting Ella out of my sight yet, not when I have to drive an hour to get Riley. If something happened to Ella and I was an hour away, I would just about lose it.

I know Riley misses me, and I hate when she's upset. When I called to check up on her earlier she started crying and I knew I had to get her. I know Ella adores my little sister and they get along well.

My aunt has been taking care of her but soon I want custody. I want to know Riley's safe and I know she would prefer to live with me. Riley and Ella are the only two people who I have a soft spot for.

The bathroom door opens shaking me out of my thoughts. I bring my gaze up to Ella taking her hair out of a towel. She has loose fitting shorts on along with one of my t-shirts.

A smile lights in my lips, she was unbelievably beautiful and she didn't even know it. I hate how other guys check her out when we go places. She's doesn't notice because she's so timid and not at all self centered. She always puts everybody else's needs before her own.

"Come here." I say patting my lap.

She looks at me and slowly makes her way over to the bed and stops. I take her arms and pull her onto my lap.

"You're so beautiful." I mumble into her hair. Her shampoo must be vanilla and coffee, I can't get enough of how good she smells.

She hides her face in my chest, she's most likely blushing. "Hey don't hide from me." I tilt her chin up and was right. Her face is full of color, not to mention her rosy cheeks.

"You're not so bad yourself." She mumbles. I let out a laugh, she's adorable.

A smirk overrides my face, "I know."

She's shakes her head and lets out giggle. I watch as she uses her hand to cover her mouth and I notice the way her nose scrunches.

"Do you want to go get Riley with me, I think she's going to stay at my place for the weekend?"

Her deep blue eyes find mine and a huge smiles displays upon her face. "Of course I want to come."

"Good." I say pecking her on the lips.

She jumps off of me and stands up. Then she takes my hand pulling me up. "Come lets go, we can't keep her waiting D." She cheers excited.

I stand up, "D?" I question.

Her eyes dart to the ground and she's folds her hands together nervously. "Yeah, it's a nickname."

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