Chapter 2 "Fuck You I Quit"

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Adam and Evan's friends

Adam POV

I look around red sheets hanging all over the building;what is not red is black, and the stage is both red and black.

In the middle of the stage stood a beautiful woman in a red robe. Yes, I know that the girls here all are but she stood out she didn't belong here she was about to take off her robe and I couldn't stop staring till Evan tapped my shoulder.

"Adam she wants your ID" I turn around and see another woman standing next to a black stand wearing a white corset bra and a tight white skirt,her blonde curles neatly layed on top of her shoulders and white wings on her back smiles at me.

I just give her my ID she looks at it, nods and stamps red wings on my hand and gives me my ID.

After that I look at the stage where  the beautiful girl was dancing we walked to our table me still looking at her I couldn't stop staring.

"man, close your mouth you'll catch a fly" Evan says laughing at me. "Man, leave him alone she's hot; maybe we could get her to come and show us more" Danny questions.

I don't know why but it piss me off.

Isabelle POV;

I walk on stage and instantly all the men start to clap, cheer and other things.

Right when I'm about to open my rob the door open and a group of handsome men walk in wearing nice expensive suits. Wow, what are these type of men doing on this side of the city. One of them catching my attention he looks at me with a straight look on his face.

At that moment I felt more naked  then I ever did before. I wanted to run back to the changing room which is stupid because I'm half way naked most of my days for almost two years.

So, I took in a deep breath this is not the first time I've done this and it is certainly not the first time a good looking man come to this place.

I turn around, shake my butt, turn back around,take off my robe and start dancing. I could still feel his eyes burning on me.

I try my best to not look at him. So I look at the men that are throwing money at me.

But all that is going through my mind is 'when is the song going to be over'? When the song ends I try my best not to run off the stage.

I take another breath, smile, bow and walk behind the curtain like nothing's wrong but when I am out of sight I run to go change.

When I'm in my room I take a deep breath and unlock my locker you can never trust and one here these girls love stealing.

After I finish changing I walk out of the dressing room to find William  waiting by the wall across the changing room "Isabelle I need you to go out there someone wants to see you".

I cross my arms

"William I told you I don't do that your dad even said I don't have to".

I took the bag of money he has in his arms knowing it was mine because he would always brings the bag to me from what I got on stage. I start walking away with him following behind me.

"Isabella, my dad is not the boss anymore I am so you are going out there so get dress" I ignore what him a and say "NO, I am going home" I keep on walking then he yells at me "IF YOU DON'T GO BACK OUT...YOUR FIRED".

I stop and turn around looking at him "fine"I say he smirks thinking he won but he has me fucked up.

I smile and say "fuck you, I quit" with that I walk away.

Adam POV

After a while of sitting there with the strippers trying to get my attention and jumping me.

I get up and go to the bathroom annoyed for me being dragged here and having to deal with those women.

I go though the hall that leads me to the bathroom.

When I'm out of sight I take out the extra phone I keep with me at all times and email Sam my assistant the files I was doing before my friend and Evan took me.

I was almost done when someone crash into me what the fuck "sorry"someone say. I look up and see the women that was dancing on stage when I came in. She was still walking but she turned around when she said sorry.

She wasn't wearing just underwear any more; now she was wearing black leggings, purple hoodie, black combat boots and a black backpack on her back her wavy black hair with natural  highlights that I didn't notice when I first saw her in a pony tail and she didn't have all that make up.

She looked mad but I didn't get a good look because she turned back around and walked away.

I waited a few seconds then went back to the table and looked around for her. When I saw her she was talking to the blonde that asked us for our IDs.

She still look mad when her eyes landed on me.

She turns around, stops talking and moved to the other girl and whispers in her ear hugged her and walks out

I looked at the door for a little while. When a young man in a cheap suit dirty blonde hair and brown eyes came to us "sir the girl you wanted left early she will not be coming" I look at Danny dagger eyes he just smile.

"What,it was for you".

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