Chapter Six: Criminality-

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    I was sitting on the wall at the seafront, that was just by the stone steps that lead down to the beach. I dangled my feet over the edge. There was a reasonable distance between my feet and the sand that would normally make my stomach turn inside out.

    Finn sat beside me, only a couple inches space between us. He was kicking his feet against one another, in awkwardness. The sky was dark now, lit up only by the moon that shone like a large flashlight, illuminating the beach and making it easier to see.

    “Is it normally like that between you two?” Finn's unusually delicate voice spoke up beside me. I licked my lips and breathed out heavily through my nose, feeling my jaw tense as a burning sensation shot through it, reminding me of the bruise that was beginning to form. 

    “Not really. Most of the time I just follow him around like his little pet. Do whatever he says, no questions asked.” I shrugged.

    “So tonight...when you kissed me, that was in spite of him, right?” He paused, his mouth slightly open as if his tongue were tasting the outcome of his next words, before he spoke them. “Did he do something wrong?”

    My lips pulled themselves into a smile I was unfamiliar with. “He told me my soul was going to hell.” I pondered on the thought for a moment, and then added in a softer, more understanding voice. “His mother was a misguided Christian. I guess he picked up a few things she used to say, before he left.”

    “When you say misguided, you mean...?”

   “I mean she was an abusive alcoholic who had little respect for her son and her God,” I shook my head as it dropped into my hands. “I shouldn't be telling you this. It's none of your business. Or mine, for that matter.”

    I swung my legs back over the wall and jumped down to the pavement. I walked along the sea front with gentle steps and shallow inhales. I hated the salty smell of sea air. Finn was close by my side, hands in his pockets and his shoulders tensed, trying to cease his shivering.

    “You're freezing. You should really head home.” I said, quickly glancing away as soon as his eyes turned towards mine.

    “So should you.”

    I chuckled. “I don't have a home.”

    “ could come back with me?” He asked in a somewhat high-pitched, hopeful tone.

    I looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Why do you want to drag me back to your bed so much?”

    “I don't want to drag you. I'm inviting you.”

    “You're inviting me back to your house to have sex?” I said, slightly amused, and then added as an after thought, “Well at least you're polite.”

    He smirked. “I'm inviting you back to my house so that you have a place to stay tonight, so things can cool off between you and your...friends.”

    “Why did you say it like that?” I stopped walking, turning to face him completely as he walked back to where I was standing.

    “Like what?”

    “Like it was a completely ridiculous idea that three rent boys could be friends.”

    Finn shifted his weight from foot to foot, looking away and poking his tongue in his cheek as he huffed out a laugh. “You know, you read too much into things.” He gave me a pointed look, eyebrows arched in disbelief.

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