Life Changing Night

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Hi guys, up there 👆is a video. The video is completely in Italian but the whole point is that this guy tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge(I swear it is a bridge even though they are standing on top of rooftops) when someone stopped him. This guy thought that the person that saved him was an angel so it gave me a great idea in writing a fanfiction. I made it about depression because I know that it is a big problem all around the world. The point of this fanfiction besides giving you the feels and stuff is that it teaches that even though you are at the worst of times or even depressed things will get better and you will be saved when you least expect it. Everything is fine and it always will be as long as you don't give up.


October 7, 2002. Tonight was the night Levi was going to do it. He stood on the middle of his house wearing a black shirt, ripped jeans, and converse. Tonight might even be the night he will last see this place. He quickly walked toward the front door, opened it, shut it and locked it behind him. He started walking toward Titan Bridge, 5 blocks away from his house. Titan Bridge was the biggest and tallest bridge in all of RoseMaria City.

Nobody came to the bridge at midnight and Levi liked that. The bridge was like a road for cars and obviously had a wall to protect people from falling off. But this wall was short, it reached Levi's abdomen and lets say Levi isn't exactly the tallest person. The raven leaned his head forward, watching the dark water, his face expressionless. He blinked twice and easily climbed the wall. He stood tall, feeling the wind hug his body. Levi wanted to take a step and dive into the water.

Since 4 months ago Levi has gone into some deep depression. And deep depression meaning cuts all the way up to his shoulder, never too deep but never too shallow. Words like worthless, murderer, unwanted, unnecessary carved onto his thighs but he did it shallow enough to give them a chance to heal so he could do it all over again.

It all started that night, driving his car. His adoptive sister(even though Levi considered her his bio logical sister) Petra Ral was riding in the passenger seat, singing her favorite song, Get the party started, by Pink. Like usually, their parents weren't home. They were lawyers they weren't supposed to have free time. That night Petra kept complaining about the horrible food in school and insisted on going out to eat. Levi tried to talk her out of it but she gave him those puppy eyes and that cute pout and he just couldn't say no.

Levi swore the traffic light flashed green. He swore he didn't see the blue car that has hunted his dreams since that night. The car just came out of nowhere and hit the right side of the car, where Petra was sitting. Levi was knocked unconscious with only a few cuts and scratches from the shattered glass but other from that he was perfectly fine. Unlike Levi, Petra wasn't so lucky. The window glass flew straight to the side of her head. She was nocked forward with a trail of blood starting from her mouth all the way up to her ginger hair.

When Levi's parents found out they blamed him and kicked him out of his house with only $5000 in his pocket. Since then he has been able to take care of himself by working on a small coffee shop. But, it doesn't stop there, Levi wished. Petra's boyfriend Oluo Bozado had punched him before running away, crying and a with bleeding tongue. Gunther and Eld gave him an apologetic look and walked away. Since that day, Levi never spoke nor saw them again. The only people who stuck with him were Erwin and Hanji. Levi knew Mike would have stayed too but he switched schools before the accident. And it also didn't matter if Erwin and Hanji would have stayed with him or not because they didn't even talk anymore. Normally, Levi would just deal with the pain and keep going but with his sister dead, his parents' hate and his friendship over all at once, it was just too much to progress, too much to deal with, too much to handle. He had nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to.

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