Avengers x teen self harm reader part 2

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(Bucky's POV)

"I'm sorry" as Kate says that we rush as fast as we can to her, but it's to late, she stabs her self in the stomach, I stand still, I can't move, I'm frozen, Steve runs to catch her before she fall to the floor, " KATE!" Steve yells as he catches her, he runs her down to medical room, "BRUCE!" Steve and I yell at the same time, Bruce looks up at us and smiles, his smile fades as he sees Kate, "get her on the table!" he ordered Steve, he sets her down gently, "go get Tony" Steve runs to go get Tony, Bruce starts to try and help Kate but she's losing blood fast, he tells me I need to get out and that he need to consonant, I do as he say and as I step out Tony runs in.

(2hours later)

I'm sitting out side the medical room waiting for Bruce to say Kates ok, I mean she                                                   has to be ok right?... Right???, I start to worry?

Steve sit down next to me with a sad look

S: how are you holding up buck?

B: it's all my fault, I should have stopped her

S: buck there was nothing you could have done

B: I should have noticed it sooner

S: buck stop beating your self up

B: no it's all my fault

S: James Barnes stop blaming your self now if anything it was partly my fault, as the captain of this team I should have seen something was wrong with her

B: don't blame your self it's my fault

S: no it was my fault

B: no it wasn't,I'm in love with her I should have known something was up

S: but as the captain of the team it wa-

Kate: it was my fault dumbasses

We both look up the see the door to the room Kate's in open and he staring at us

S: Kate?

I just stand there shocked

K: I'm so sorry captain I just...

We both run up to her

B: I'm so happy your ok doll

I say as we hug her

B: w-why did you do this doll?

She looks at me with a sad face

K: i-i it was getting to be to much I'm sorry

She starts to break down in tears

B: whats to much?

K: every thing from the way I look to Britney texting me, to how I mess up everything

She starts to go on and on

K: to how i-

B: doll

I interrupted her.

B: look at me

She looks down

B: doll

I grab her Chin and gently make her look at me.

B: you are beautiful, and so kind and caring everything you do you do it with respect and kindness, everyone on this team and heck most of the world loves you

K: but but Brittany said...

B: who's Brittany?

K: a uh f-friend

B: doll don't lie please

She looks at me an Points to her phone

B: what's your password doll?

K: shadow

I go on her phone and see all of them messages, I can feel myself getting angry

B: doll why didn't you tell someone?

K : because it's not that big oh a deal

B: doll it is a big deal

K: no it's really not and I'll tell you why it's not

Wow, I'm evil, but nobody reads this so part 3?

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