Creatures behind the bleechers part 3

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Chapter 4

Jason stood frozen to the spot as she stared at Chloe and Sammy when the 3 men came down and first the tall one grabbed Chloe the second one grabbed sammy, and Jason screamed at the top of her lungs at them to let her friends go, but the men just ignored her and drug her up to the ledge were everyone could see her, Jason looked around to see were they took sammy then she saw something strange about these people it looked as if they had fangs then she relized that sammy and chloe were staring at her but when Jason looked back the heavy butt of a gun smacked her in the back and she sprawled out on the ground, when she looked up again she saw chloe crying and sammy trying to free himself from his captor when he noticed her looking at him he stopped fighting and let his captor hold him still, when suddenly Jason felt herself be lifted off the ground and set on her feet, then she saw all of the men pull there captives closer and suddenly Jason realized that they did have fangs and the man who had Jason bit her throat then before she lost all conciseness she heard the screams as she fell to the ledge and she saw chloe and sammy get bit then she lost conciseness....

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