Chapter 54

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Veronica's POV

I was about to bend down in order to pick it. But then the door opened startling me.

" Veronica ! " Neil yelled.

I stood up at my place and turned to face Neil. I kept my feet over the card hiding it completely.

" Neil, love ! See, I am back. I had already told that Zaisha was a bitch. She left you alone and went somewhere.

It looks like she found someone even more richer and influential than you. But then look baby, I love you so much. I can never leave you. See, I am back only for you. " I said wrapping my hands around his neck. I went more closer to him in order to kiss his lips but then he pushed me back.

I stumbled back because of the push and now the card was on its full display.

No, no, no...Neil can't see this.

" SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU BITCH ! " He shouted.

" Listen Veronica, you don't have to give a damn regarding Ayesha's departure. It's a matter between a husband and a wife and you are no one to interfere in this.

I will search for Ayesha even if it takes years to find her but then I will never return back to you. " He warned.

Search for Zaisha ? It means he doesn't know anything about her.

" Neil, you can't do this to me. You can't do this to us. Trust me, I love you so much. Please give me a chance. " I pleaded.

" Give you a chance ? If you have forgotten then let me remind you Veronica that you had lost your only chance when you had sent goons after Ayesha. Now get out of my house before I call the guards to throw you out like last time. " He ordered in a cold voice.

Zaisha ! Zaisha ! Zaisha ! It's only her whom Neil cares about. No worries, if I can't get him then he also will not get his Zaisha.

I looked directly into Neil's eyes in which anger could easily be seen. I removed my feet from over the card and slid it under the sofa with the help of my sneakers.

Now, Neil won't be able to get her address ever. Tomorrow only I will send a person to get this card. For now, it's safe as well as hidden down there.

" Fine, Neil but then you also won't be able to get your Zaisha ever ! " I said.

" Shut up the hell up bitch or else I will pull out your tongue. Get out ! " He yelled and pushed me out of his room.

Wait and watch, Neil ! You will yourself come back to me.

Neil's POV

I came back to my mansion when I saw Veronica in my bedroom. How dare she !

She's one stubborn girl. After kicking her out of my room, I called my security head Swapnil.

" Swapnil, I had already warned you that Veronica shall not enter my mansion no matter what and you allowed her in. " I said.

" I am sorry sir. Actually sir that day when you had asked us to cut her name from your visitors list, the bodyguard who was asked to do forgot about it.

I am so sorry sir. It won't happen again. I will just go now and cut her name. " He explained and bowed his head.

" Okk... But then I am excusing you and the rest of the security for one last time. Make sure that this doesn't happen again. " I warned and then excused him.

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