223 9 3

unknown number:
hey it's andy :)

unknown number changed to fovvs🥵

skye🖤: hey fovvlar :)

fovvs🥵: i cant wait to see you again x

skye🖤: i can't wait to see you too x i miss ur laugh :)

fovvs🥵: i miss being taller than someone😔

skye🖤: oh so that's all i'm good for🤨

fovvs🥵: you know well that's no true

skye🖤: possibly...

fovvs🥵:the boys want me to add you to a group chat with them in it

skye🖤: let me guess, brooklyn's idea?

fovvs🥵: you know us too well

skye🖤: i've been doing my research

fovvs🥵: so i'll add you?

skye🖤: please do🙃

fovvs added you to roadtrip+mikey+skye🤪


peace and love
elle x

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