treinta y cuatro | amor

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Amor — love
Hijo de puta — son of a bitch

mature (but not too much cause I fear God) content ahead —

Jeon Jungkook stared at Aeri Alvarez.

Aeri Alvarez stared at Jeon Jungkook.

Two people, hiding their feelings, stared at each other, both surprised to find the other in their position.

The girl, his amor, his only amor, furrowed her groomed brows, a hand on the doorframe. "Has the esteemed gentleman finally stopped ignoring me?"

Jungkook sucked in a sharp breath.

Of course. He had not been seeing the girl for the past couple of weeks, he realised with a strike in his already frail heart. Of course the last thing she'll be when seeing him would be happy.

Words. Form some bloody words.

"May I...come in?"

Aeri's hand fisted on the doorway. Moonlight revealed the features of her face darkening, but then her mouth parted to release a sigh.

She stepped aside, allowing leeway for Jungkook to enter the shanty-like house.

Lights flickered when he entered the tiny living room, the same tattered couches in the centre, except they didn't have Yoongi, Hoseok or Jihoo upon them.

Speaking of which...

"Where are they?"

Aeri turned to Jungkook. She knew who he meant. "The boys are out for a performance. Jihoo is at yours, with Mamá." A pause. "I felt like being alone tonight."


Already Jungkook felt his spirits dampening.

Because you did what everyone was expecting. What she was expecting.

You left without an explanation.

The man settled upon the sofas, already uncomfortable with their tattered leather.

The girl's gaze, however, was even more unnerving.

Not because she was glaring at him. No, that was the usual Aeri — her signature move when pissed. This time, she didn't even look at him.

She sat herself down, shifting her blood red skirts.


Not a single word uttered within the room. Jungkook, with his tongue chained, and with Aeri, pride hurt.

However, the pregnant silence was shattered.

"Jungkook, why are you here?"

Fingers locking and unlocking, the said-man endeavoured to open his mouth. Say something to her to erase the acidic expression on her face.

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