[Love and tears] part 2.

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So it was lunch time and I sat alone. I preffered it that way. I could make friends if I wanted, easily. But then they'd want to come to my house and I'd have to explain my whole situation and that was something I didn't like doing. I sat on a table near the window so I could feel the slight breeze and watch the ducks. I ripped a piece of my bread I had just spreaded butter on and chucked it out of the window. The ducks ran to it immediatley. I swear the school never fed them. The ducks were extremely fat and blown up and to be honest, they looked nasty but they were in need so I helped them. While sitting there thinking about what I could do to change their thilthy pond, Jay Finley aproached me.

"You're not allowed to feed them." he stated.

"I know, but they don't ever get fed." I said, paying no attention to him what-so-ever and keeping my attention on the ducks.

"So your a duck person?" He asked.

"Jay, why are you here?" why was he there? He was like so good looking. He had a really fit body. He was slightly tanned and had brownish curly hair. His dark brown eyes glistened as he spoke to me. I was way out of his league, why WAS he speaking to me?

"Ok well if you don't want me to, I'll just-"

"No. But seriously, why are you here?" I repeated.

"Can I sit?" He asked.

"Sure." I replied. He smiled at me, what was this all about? He then called all of his "crew" over. They all sat around the table. The atmosphere seemed to get more akward as more people arrived. So I got up. I had a open pot of jelly, a carton of apple juice and a curry on my school tray. I looked extremly hungry, but there we go.

"Where you going?" Jay asked me. Why was he being so nice all of a sudden? And infront of his friends?

"Oh I just-" he walked over to me. He wouldn't let me pass so I moved him a little, as I did this he had some flinch of something and knocked all of my lunch all over me. All of his crew laughed. I rolled my eyes. Not only was I humiliated, but my lunch had just been knocked all over me. I stared at Jay for a while, before shoving him out of the way and headed towards the girls toilets. Everyone pointed and stared as I walked past. Jay ran after me.

"Callie... Callie wait!" he yelled. He ran after as I paced fast towards the toilets, already sick of people starring at me.

"Jay, you've done enough!" I replied, still walking.

"Callie, no, wait!" he yelled. I ran into the girls toilets so he couldn't chase after me, but to my suprise he still came in.

"Jay! What are you doing!?" I shouted.

"Callie I'm sorry." he said.

"Ok. Bye now." I said, rudely. I went into the girls toilet cubicle that was big and had a mirror in it. He struggled, but eventually he slid through it. I rolled my eyes, didn't that boy ever stop!

"Get out of here!" I screamed, fumingly. He had spilt my lunch all over me, I looked like a fool and I was hungry. He had pestered me by following me around the school and into the girls toilets. And then he was in my cubicle! I was on the verge of slapping him!

"Callie I'm really sorry!" he repeated.

"You said that and I said ok bye. You just don't know when to stop do you?"

"I just wanted go get this right." he said, as he ripped some tissue off from the toilet holder and started wiping me. What the..?

"Jay you don't have to.." He smiled at me. He held my body tightly as he gently scrubbed the mess off of me.

"Thanks Jay but this ain't working. I'm going to have to take my jumper off." I too my jumper off carefully, trying my hardest for it to not touch my hair. When I took my jumper off I realised it had seeped into the jumper I was wearing underneath. I took that one off too and was only left with my bra and trousers on. Jay stared wide eyed at me.

"Wow." He said, with his jaw hanging low. I hit him.

"Stop looking at me like that!" I demanded. "Now scrub my tops."

He ripped more tissue off and wet it slightly. He rubbed my jumper and top very gently but still added force. I bit my nails in boredem. I started to feel cold. Sitting half naked on a toilet floor tends to get cold an boring.

"Jay hurry up." I commanded. He laughed.

"I thought you said I didn't have to do this, and now your giving me commands?" He giggled however it wasn't a giggling matter, I was cold, hungry and bored all thanks to him. And I had to spend my lunch time in a girls cubicle half naked with him all wide eyed.

Whilst scrubbing my jumper, Jay said, "You have a great body."

I was appalled. I know it was a compliment, but who was he to compliment on my body? I didn't even like him.

"Thanks. But your no person to be commenting on my body. Were not friends.. I don't even like you." I stated.

"Woah." He replied. Woah? Woah? Really, woah?

I took my top and jumper off him, whether he was done or not. I whipped them back on. They were damp, but nothing I couldn't deal with. He leaned close to me, then closer, then closer til he was right in my face.

"Jay.. What are you doing?" I asked, knowing perfectly what he was doing.

"Kiss me." he said. I slapped him. I had had enough. His irritation had just been building up and that was the final straw. Wait, Woah!... What? Kiss me? He said.. Kiss me?


Sorry to like... ruin the mood of the story lol,

but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the space between the letters mistakes.

I'm certain I leave spaces between my words... Like who doesn't? lool haha

I think that there's a problem with when I save & publish it, it probably like mucks up then or something

But I'm not sure what exactly happens, but somehow words get joined together without spaces separating them...

They're glued words together in I think all chapter up to like 8 or something. But anyway, it really annoys me because I spend a really long time writing out the chapter & reading it, then I have to go back and read it again and seperate the glued words! Haha, anyway I'll leave you guys out of it :P

Anyway, when I get the chance to, I'll space them all out again, but for now, please ignore them.

And also Jay comes on strong in the next couple of chapters! But he's got a reason for that and you'll find out later in the story :)

Okay thanks!


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