The Begining

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I'm the author I just wanted to say if you like the story, find errors, or have anything to say about the story message me please and thank you! Enjoy

Also I just want you to know the first chapter and possibly second chapter don't sound that interesting but trust me it gets much better so please keep reading!

On a rainy day, coming home from school there was a cloudy sky, and a slippery road. Driving in a white 2010 Dodge Charger into our newly paved driveway.

                       Jennifer's POV
"Mom!" I Shouted.

"I understand what you're saying but please just let me go to this party! You never let me do anything!" I complained.

"Listen honey, I know you are upset but I don't want you going out." Catie stated.

As we get out the car, I slams my passenger door shut.

"Please mom just let me go. I'm growing up, I am not a kid anymore!" Jennifer insisted.

"Then stop acting like one! Just do as I say. No is no and that is final, I will not continue this disagreement!" Catie yelled.

I felt hurt, it was unfair how her mom could keep her away from such fun. She didn't understand why it had to be like this, but I'm going to go to that luxurious party tonight.

I walked upstairs to my abundant room. She sat down on her tall, comfy teal bed and thought, we live in Los Angeles, California it has 37 million residents at least. We have plenty of money and it's well guarded so what is she afraid I'll do?

"Jennifer, I made you dinner!" I need to go back to work, so I'll see you later when I get home!"

" Bye mom." I said with a tone don't you always leave me.

My mom left, I moved to my window to watch Catie slowly drive out to go wherever she goes... since I really don't know where my mom works.

  I pulled her phone out to text my best friend Crystal.

"Hey Crystal."

"Jennifer girl, are you ready?"

"No not yet my mom just left, I need help picking out an outfit."

"Ok! I'll be right over there we I'll pick a sexy top notch outfit!"

"Thanks boo, love you!

10 minutes later
*Ding dong*

"It's open." I shouted.

Crystal walked up the steep, hard wooded, stairs to Jennifer's room.

"Hey you better have some outfits picked out, cause the party is about to start!"

I laughed for the first time in a while.
"Yes of course! Now help me."

After what felt like eternity, they both found the perfect designer choice. With the marvelous makeup Crystal put together.
"Wow Jennifer look at you!"

Jennifer wore a teal crop top with strings in the front just enough exposure with a black skirt that has a slit on the right side of her thigh. Wearing stilettos that glow like the sunrise.

"Thanks boo but you are a hottie!" I Exclaimed.

Crystal wearing a v-neck black crop top with a white skirt, and cute red wedged heels.

"Oh my god Jennifer we got to go, or else we are going to be late!"

"I know Crystal you don't want to be too early, but I'm ready so let's go then."

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