Diana Prince- Balcony (c)

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Seen as Diana was working at the Louvre, the two of you had moved into an apartment in Paris, somewhere you never thought you would live. It was a beautiful apartment in a beautiful city and you couldn't deny that you loved living there. The two of you spent most of your time out of your apartment, either working or exploring the city but tonight the two of you had had dinner at home and now that the sun was almost completely set, you were stood out on your balcony, looking over the city that the two of you had fallen in love with.

Your fingers were laced together as you looked out at the view, wondering how you got so lucky to have such an amazing woman who had been able to offer you such a perfect life. Even just being stood on a balcony together, you couldn't believe that you could feel like life was so perfect. You loved her more than anything and you felt graced by just having her stood beside you.

Even as the night begun to surround you, and the wind chill attacked your skin, you felt your heart warm as Diana ran her thumb along the reverse of your hand.

"I love you," you smiled softly, moving your head to the side so that it rested on her shoulder.

Diana leaned down to press a kiss to your cheek lovingly but pulled away with a frown. She moved her hand to your cheek, feeling how cold your skin had become in the night air. You hadn't wanted to mention anything about being cold, seen as you were happy being with her but now that she felt your skin, she realized that you weren't as fine as you were saying you were.

"You are absolutely freezing," she said apologetically, cupping your cheeks with her hands in an attempt to warm them. "We should get back inside."

You shook your head, enjoying the moment with her too much. "Can we just stay out here a little longer?"

She offered you a tired look, knowing how stubborn you were and that you wouldn't easily leave but she wasn't about to let you freeze to death. Diana wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to her and offering you her body heat.

"I love you Diana," you smiled softly, accepting her embrace.

"I love you too."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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