5. Taking credit isn't everything

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Hlo darlings

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Like an unexpected downpour, like a beautiful rose among the thorns, like an oasis in a desert, like an abode in a dense forest, like a smile amidst unstoppable tears, her feelings for her namesake husband were weird.

Anika didn't want to come infront of him early in the morning and spoil his mood as she heard him talking on the phone that he had a very important work to finish. His words were still ringing in her ears. She didn't know why she cared about such petty thing and that too, for him. She sat at the pool side until there was no sounds coming from the room. She thought he left the room, she went inside, only if she knew that he was in the restroom, taking a shower.

She heard the door of the restroom open and she couldn't do anything except hiding behind the curtains. She blushed and then closed her eyes when she saw him with only a towel wrapped around his waist she froze at her place seeing him like that and she was so embarassed. A gasp escaped her mouth when he was going to remove that towel too, and she closed her eyes tightly and kept her hands on her eyes to ensure she doesn’t see anything.

Unfortunately, he had heard a voice, not sure about what it was. He moved towards the curtains but his phone rang and he picked it up, the voice long forgotten, that gave Anika an opportunity to leave the room and save her life. “You saved yourself as well as his dignity, Anika.” She sighed and then giggled at her own silly statement.

She ran from one corner to another, so that she doesn’t come infront of him. But all of a sudden, when she was in the kitchen, she saw him coming towards her. She didn’t know what to do and she bent down to hide behind the kitchen slab. Thankfully, he was so engrossed in his phone that he didn’t see her.

She dragged her feet and literally crawled like a little puppy around the slab whenever he moved and was about to see her. She crawled once more, but he was standing at the same place, with his arms crossed over his chest.

Her gaze fell on someone’s feet and she looked up, only to see him standing there. She stood up and tried to come up with a sound excuse to convince him and go away as soon as possible. She couldn’t afford to enrage him, it would be harmful for her the most.

“You think I’m a fool, and I can’t see what you’re doing ? You think I won’t see you while you’re hiding from me and crawling here and there like a mouse ?” he asked being irritated more than being angry. “Indeed, because I was trying to hide from a cat, bagad billa !” thought a scared Anika, even at such a dangerous situation when the cat... Shivaay has caught her.

“I.. you said your day gets spoiled if you see me, so I thought not to come infront of you.” She replied meekly and his anger turned into astonishment. Her innocent reply forced him to wonder who this woman was and how she always manages to invade his thoughts like an unexpected wave of an ocean.

He didn’t reply, for he was short of words after her answer to his previous question. He was going to leave, when suddenly, he remembered the incident happened in the room. His eyes widened as the realisation hit him and he asked, “Were you in the room when I was.. I.. were you there ?” and her silence said it all, making his face flush in embarassment.

Anika looked at him and her eyes became wider when she realised what he must be thinking, “No no no... don’t think the way you are, I dint see anything, I swear.” Anika said and regretted it almost immidiately as her ‘anything’ would’ve made it worst for him, and for her as well. Hopefully, she sounded convincing, she thought, and looked at his face as he was still staring at her with doubts written all over his face.

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