Draco: "you forgot the disclaimer!"
Me: "i dont own antything!! (exept the plot) all characters belong to J.K Rowling!" Pease comment
Draco: "yes, love and !"
Hermione: "you two are so full of it!"
Me and Draco:
*share knowing look*

Without further  ado...


Last night, Draco managed to go unseen, through Snape's potion cabinet, and resurface successfully with a bottle of Veritaserum the truth serum used for interrogations. With it Hermione would answer any question he put to her. He chose to administer it to Hermione Granger, because night after night, my dreams are touched with her presence. In the cold harsh reality that was his life, he made her life a living nightmare, and he hated it. It was all his fathers fault, for raising him with hatred towards muggle-borns. The day she forgives me for my cruelty, in the past, will be the happiest day of my life. that is why he was never happy.

Until the day he walked into the leaky cauldron. He stood a distance from the door, for hours, til he saw Harry, Seamus, Ron and Hermione walk in and sit at a table in the back. He had told the waiter to put the Veritaserum in Hermione's butter-beer, and paid him for his silence. He was burning with fiery anticipation, waiting for the right moment to approach her.

They were in deep conversation, when he saw her go very still. The potion had taken effect. He smiled to himself, took a deep breath, put on a cocky expression. He strutted up to there table and sat down promptly next to Harry, across from Hermione.

"hello there chosen one" he jeered at harry.

" hello Weasley" to Ron.

"haven't blown yourself up yet? I see" to Seamus.

"thank you for your kind words Malfoy, now leave!" said Ron, with more conviction than Draco thought Ron could.

" Relax!, I just want to see if Hermione is enjoying her butter-beer" "are you?"

"yes" she said automatically.

"aren't you glad to see me?" he asked

"yes" he replied.

"Hermione!?" Ron demanded " whats the matte with you?"

"don't worry, Weasley its only a bit of Veritaserum"eased Draco, he found Ron's frustration very amusing.

"What!?" demanded Ron and Harry in unison.

" I only want to ask her a couple of... questions" assured Draco.

"Hermione." he began " when was the last time Ron shagged you?" he asked, curiosity lining every syllable. Ron had gone an unnatural shade of beet-red and his knuckles had gone white, Harry wasn't looking great either.

Only Seamus commented. "leave the girl alone" he said forcefully! "its not your place!"

"let her answerer the question" teased Draco. Ron looked possibly even redder.

"I'm a virgin." said Hermione in her serum-influenced calm emotionless voice.

"oh really?" he replied in mock disbelief. "taking it slow are we? Ronald?"

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