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"JOE" valerie yelled once he picked up the phone. "ow yes what do you need?" joe asked as he pulled the phone away from his ear just incase she yelled again. "what's wrong with your brother?" valerie questioned. "what did he do?" joe asked with a frown. "he's being weird" valerie stated as she paced around her apartment. "how so?" joe asked his frown soon turning into a smirk. "first he's asking me if i'm okay to talk with him and then he asked a good time to come over. he doesn't do that! he usually just shows up whenever" valerie replied running her fingers through her hair. "maybe he realized it's annoying" joe smirked. "mm i don't think so" valerie chuckled. just as valerie was about to add something there was a knock at the door. "joe he's here and he's knocking" valerie whispered. "you're gonna be okay" joe whispered back with a chuckle. "he never knocks" she continued to whispered. "it'll be okay i swear just go answer the door okay i love you" joe laughed hanging up before she could reply. valerie glared at the phone before opening the door for finn.

"hi" finn smiled as he walked in. "you knocked" valerie stated looking at him in confusion. "did i?" finn asked. "yeah.." valerie trailed off eyeing him. "you needed to speak with me about something?" she asked. "yeah uhmm" finn said before he started looking around. "maybe i should just go actually" finn said heading to the door. valerie frowned before stepping in front of him to stop him and putting her hand on his chest. "what is it?" she asked softly looking up at him. "uhmm i- uhh" finn stuttered. "you can tell me anything i won't judge" she smiled. "i know you won't" finn said as he smiled. "okay so tell me" she replied.

"i like you" he said meeting her eyes. "like like?" she asked raising a brow. ""like like" he confirmed. valerie smiled as she let out a laugh. "i like you too" she said. finn looked at her for a moment before letting out a breath. valerie could basically see the weight leave his shoulders. "that's good cause i was so fucking nervous coming here" finn laughed meeting her eyes again. "yeah i know i could tell by the knocks" valerie smirked. "i don't know what got into me there if i'm being 100 percent honest with you" finn chuckled shaking his head. "it's okay" valerie assured with a small laugh escaping her lips.

finn smiled at her before he started leaning down to kiss her. just as they were about to kiss finn pulled away. "i'm sorry" finn said immediately. "i'm just nervous" he laughed. "why? we've kissed many times finn" valerie replied looking at him amused. "this is different" finn replied. "i know i know but it's gonna be okay" valerie laughed as she put her hands in his cheeks. finn gave her yet another smile before he kissed her. valerie kissed him back as he pulled her closer. as they pulled apart finn rested his forehead on hers. "yeah that was different" finn chuckled. "good different?" valerie asked. "of course" finn giggled as he pecked her lips. "haha you like me" valerie teased. "haha you like me back" finn smirked.

"no i don't like boys that's gross" valerie replied. "yeah ew you have cooties" finn said backing away from her. "whatever" valerie laughed shaking her head. finn smiled before pulling the girl in for a hug. "so affectionate" valerie teased with a smirk. "i've always hugged you" finn stated. "mm not like this" she laughed. "i'm not hugging you any different" finn laughed. "shh be quiet" valerie said holding back a laugh. finn playfully rolled his eyes at the girl before resting his head on hers.

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