Chapter 9

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*I realise that on my Instagram account I posted this in two parts... I thought that was a bit mean to do on here... so... I have merged both parts into one! Please enjoy!*

~Andy's POV~

The bell rang on for what felt like forever. Eventually it stopped and the class was dismissed.

I packed up my books and supplies and followed the rest of the students out of the classroom.

I met up with Sonny and Brook and together we have our way to class.

Authors note
*Side note, nobody has a set time for lunch in this story, the students eat between lessons as there is normally a 10-20 minute gap between the 3 lessons they have of the day. I thought I should clear that up. Okay... now back to the story*

I noticed Rye walking a few people in front of. He was with his group of friends and were walking towards my class. Maybe we have a class together...

My thoughts were confirmed when him and his friends walked into the door of the music class. Not long after, Sonny, Brook and I followed.

The class was already very full when we arrived, with only a few seats to spare. Luckily, us three could all sit together.

It wasn't long after until the teacher came in to start the lesson.

Teacher - "Good afternoon class, my name is Miss Anderson, but you can call me Grace"

She looked young, maybe in her early thirties. I looked towards Sonny, I think he liked her...

Miss Anderson - "Today, I will introduce you to your assignment for the term. Don't worry, it should be easy."

Many groans were heard across the classroom, although a few cheers of excitement were heard. I the on one hand, groaned.

Miss Anderson - "The assignment for this semester is a group assignment. You will be put into girl groups and boy bands to complete this."

I heard some sighs of relief from the girls across the room.

Then she started putting students into groups.

Miss Anderson - "There will be 4 girl groups containing 3 people. And 4 boy bands containing 5 people, one of the groups will have to have 8 people though."

That got me thinking, there could be a chance that I am with Rye...

Then I heard my name being called.

Miss Anderson - "Andrew Fowler, you will be in the group of 8, with Ryan Robertson, Brooklyn Wyatt, Mikey Cobban, Harvey Cantwell, Jack Duff and Ryan Beaumont."

After that we were told to get into our groups and start brainstorming what we would like to preform.

I mustn't have been in my right mind because I hadn't noticed Rye's name called last in my group.

I saw him walking towards me with his group, and I realised that he was in fact put into my group. It was then when I got excited.

I was very confused when both Brook and Sonny stayed next to me. Sonny must have noticed my confusion because he spoke.

Sonny - "Sonny is a nickname, my real name is Ryan, Ryan Robertson."

Andy - "Oh, that make so much more sense!"

Once Rye and his group came over to us, we started.

Miss Anderson - "I would suggest that you introduce yourself to each other, in case you are not already familiar with each other."

Brook - "Well... I guess we should do that then,"

He looked nervous, I had no idea why though.

Andy - "I'll start. Hi, my name is Andrew, but I prefer Andy."

I then motioned to Sonny to continue the introductions around the circle.

Sonny - "Hey guys, I'm Ryan, but I would prefer to be called Sonny"

Then Brook continued it.

Brook - "Hi. My name is Brooklyn, but please call me Brook."

After that, he became very shy and blushed.

Then the tall, skinny brunette boy spoke.

The Boy - "Hi, my name is Jack"

Jack seemed nice, he was much taller than me and had dark-chestnut brown hair with the most ocean like eyes I had ever seen. And his gorgeous Irish accent was addictive to listen to.

I could see that Brook was liking the look of him.

After Jack spoke, a boy shorter than him but taller than me, with the darkest brown hair spoke.

The Boy - "Hello Boys! My name is Mikey"

I had seen Mikey around with Rye a lot. A lot less than Jack. He had one of the most contagious smiles I had ever seen. His dark brown hair looked so soft and beautiful. I definitely liked the look of him...

My thoughts were once again interrupted by a blonde boy speaking.

The Boy - "Hello, I'm Harvey."

He looked to be a natural blond, unlike myself and Brook. He had a round face and the lightest blue eyes that I immediately fell in love with.

Then Rye spoke,

Rye - "Hi, I'm Ryan, but I prefer to be called Rye."

His voice was so sexy, I couldn't get enough of it. He smiled at the group and I felt myself fall in love...

This time I interrupted my own thoughts by reminding myself what happened last time something like this happened. I never wanted to re-live that again. So I started talking,

Andy - "Should we get started then?" I ask the group.

After a discussion, we all agreed to sing 'I'm so tired' by Lauv and Troye Sivian.

Learning the chords was easy, I had always found it easy when I liked the song. So in a matter of 10 minutes I had memorised the chords and could play them confidently in time. My fingers moved over the stings on the guitar like they were meant to be there. Playing the guitar was always my happy place, a place where I could escape all the problems in the world at the time. The boys were singing along with my guitar, they all sounded lovely.

And then Rye, who hadn't sung a word since we started, began singing.

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