62. I'll Stand With You

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9:30 PM

We were driving into the forests for about an hour before Cyrus ordered for us to shift and to continue on foot. Cyrus, Enzo, and Josiah were ahead of us, running further into the woods, with us on their tails.

Aside from my own noisy breath, there was nothing to be heard and the woods were simply too dark to see much at all. Thankfully with the light from the moon and our impeccable vision at night, the black trunks didn't stand out like black backdrops. I had thought that I would be nervous, given the fact that we were entering rogue territory but I wasn't. I was eager almost. I knew what i had to do and that was what i intended to do.

Mrs Macy protested to follow us but her husband wouldn't let her.

"Just be careful," She had told him, before turning to me and whispering into my ear: "Trust in your powers and you'll be able to heal multiple people at a time. But remember honey, you can't save everyone."

And I desperately needed those words of encouragement.

Josiah's wolf stopped suddenly and we circled him, watching as his shoulders were raised and he let out a howl.
The howl didn't sound as superior as an Alpha's howl but it had the same effect in bringing his people out of the shadows.

"Stand alert." Cyrus mindlinked all of us and we shifted back into our human forms.

I stepped towards Josiah, patting his wolf on the head, a symbol of friendship and peace between us

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I stepped towards Josiah, patting his wolf on the head, a symbol of friendship and peace between us. I then lifted my head into the darkness, watching in anxiety as red stained eyes emerged from the darkness. They were in their wolf form as well, trotting towards us slowly. I could sense their fear. Rogues were often fearful of wolves like us, especially Alphas.

Josiah shifted into his human form, standing tall beside me.

"Do not be afraid." He spoke up, stepping towards him. Our group stood in a circle, back to back, and the rouges circled us, a couple meters from us.

"This is Alpha Cyrus of the BloodMoon Pack." Josiah continued, gesturing to Cyrus whom's silver-blue eyes were now bright gold. His muscles stood tense, his eyes watching the rouges carefully.

"We know who he is." An unknown voice called, and I turned my head to find a female rouge in her human form. She stood very tall, almost six five in height, watching Cyrus intensely. "What are you doing with them?" She spat, her canines visible in her teeth.

"They are here to help us." Josiah replied.

"Help?!" One voice scoffed, shifting to their human form.

"Traitor! You disappear for months and come back in an alliance with an Alpha!" Another male voice yelled.

"Why should we trust you?!" Another voice called, I couldn't figure out where it came from as my focused remained on fact that the rouges were stepping closer to us, a signal that they were prepared to fight.

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