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Hey Guyz
Here comes the new part😁.

Precap:- Ragini made a step towards her mom and the attempt was successful. Pallavi to visit Shergills.

So, how many of you are quite excited for Pallavi's and Ragini's meet?

Moving on!!!

Vihaan chuckles while Ragini goes to  get freshen up.
Soon she comes out wearing other kurti with jeans and comes to him..
He was sitting on the sofa watching his old photos with his mates.

He had a smile on his face. Ragini silently notices everything and then says:-

"What if she denies to train me?"

"And why will she do that?"
Asks Vihaan frowning looking up from his phone..

"How come I know? I just gave a probabilty.."

"She won't. Dont worry."

"How are you soo sure??"

"Because  Vihaan Singh Shergil doesnt like to get rejected!!"

"Oh really!!"

"Any doubt?"



He says as he resumes back. Ragini wanted to talk to him as she wanted to talk to someone. She thought for a while and then said:-

"Bhai suppose, if we went to see a bride for you.., and she rejected you! What will you do?"

"I will happily take the rejection."

"Why? Now toh you said, Vihaan Singh Shergill hates rejections!"

"There are exceptions in each and every case! And moreover,I know it that no one will reject me,afterall I am soo smart!"


"C'mon! There must not be any doubts regarding this!"

"Really! But I will only accept you as smart if you give me answer to these basic questions!!"

Vihaan keeps his phone sideways and says:-


/Will he able to answer?😛/

"So my first question:- Is it legal in Jharkhand that a widow's husband marries his wife's sister? "

"Hmm....wife's sister...Jharkhand...widow..oohhh!! I got it! Offcourse noo!! A widow means her husband is dead..So how come he will marry someone else..hehe..it was easy though!!"

Ragini was a lil impressed.

"Not Bad Bhaiya...My second question to you is:- How far can a dog run into the forest?? And you know what?? This is really a difficult one...so you may take as much time!! But to tell you..I solved this question within 2 minutes like this!!"

She shows him clapping her fingers to the thumb and making a proud face.

Vihaan was thinking of the answer..

"Hmmm...thats a really good question!! "

He keeps thinking for a while when only his bulb glows. He took entire 2 minutes for the question!

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