Founding out that ur prego

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Sammy pov

I can't believe that natalie is hiding that she's pregnant.yes Madison beer just told me that she is.she saw her at the pharmacy and she said she was pregnant.

I'm telling her that I don't want it and that I'm to young to have a child.

I hope she understands that I have a life and I need money.but yup I'm going to text her

S:we're done for good

N: what why u can't brake up with me.

S:u have a child I don't want one good bye.

N fine 😰

~End convo~

Natalie pov

I can't believe sam broke up with me.i decide that I should move on and not cry about him

Cause maybe he needs someone that is not pregnant and more beautiful.

Madison pov

Sammy is single and I told him if wants to hang out of course he said yes and we went to the park,eat,play video games.

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