Chapter Two

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he really didn't seem drunk. he just looked lonely.

"would you like another drink, sir?"

he bit his lip. he was probably another weirdo drunk. yet why did he seem so familiar. i dont remember ever seeing him before.

he nodded though and i went to go get him another drink. "hey doesnt that dark haired boy seem familiar" i pointed him out to yeosang.

yeosang was my best friend and co-worker. me and him went to the same school so it makes sense to ask him.

"he does..." yeosang stopped cleaning and thought for a while.

"wait a minute." he seemed to remember and i looked at him with anticipation.

"go get him his drink and ill tell you when you get back." i nodded and quickly moved to his table to get him his drink.

"hey choi san." he mumbled out and i tilted my head. "yes, how do you know my name" he tapped his chest and pointed out my name tag.

i felt real stupid. "o-oh what did you need" i smiled awkwardly. "thank you" he smirked slightly and i nodded and mouthed 'no problem' before quickly returning to the bar.

"he is jung wooyoung" yeosang blurted out when i got behind the bar.

"the jung wooyoung" i asked blinking rapidly.

"the jung wooyoung." he nodded and closed his eyes.

jung wooyoung is known at my school to be a bad kid. he doesnt bully anyone but he is just kinda mean. he likes to slack alot and teachers keep trying to give students to tutor him.

they all decline or quit after a couple of days. nobody knows the real reason but everyone says its because they give up and dont want to teach him anymore.

the jung wooyoung is sitting in a bar i work at with a couple of friends. let me correct myself. the jung wooyoung is at a bar nobody knows about with a group of friends. thats seems weird to me.

i went to clean the bar again and got ready to leave with yeosang because our shift was going to end and other people were going to be arriving soon.

i changed into my normal clothes and waited for yeosang outside of the bathroom and i noticed wooyoung wasnt at his table anymore.

"hey princess. when do you get off" wooyoung was leaning against the well next to me.

"thats none of your business. sorry sir" he still didn't seem drunk just a

he stood in front of me and put his hands on the wall next to my torso. i looked away from him and toward the rest of his group. i noticed the light blue haired boy looking at my direction.

i saw him immediately stop dancing and talking to the others and he rushed over to me and wooyoung.

"hey wooyoung what do you think youre doing to that boy?" he asked and tried to pry wooyoung away from me with no avail.

"im busy yunho" he told the blue haired friend as he didt break eye contact with my ear.

i was scared to look at him. soon enough to my luck yeosang finished and came out of the bathroom.

"what did i interupt?" he laughed slightly and i turned to look at him.

i tried to talk but all i did was let out a squeak. i felt so panicky.

"youre not busy youre just drunk" yunho whined until he finally pulled wooyoung off me and yeosang and me left the bar.

i still felt panicky. what if he remembers tomorrow. yeosang told me not to worry about it and to go to sleep as fast as i can.

when i got to my room i took a quick shower and got dressed again in my pajamas. why couldnt look back into his eyes. i layed back and held shiber as tight as i could before i shortly fell asleep.

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