Quantum Time: Chapters 1 and 2

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Quantum Time

Chapter One

Captain Billington joined his new employee Jacquelyn Bowen at the sidewalk table she sat at outside Blendz Café’ on the corner of Vancouver’s West Hastings and Richards Streets. Handing the pretty Trans woman one of the pair of coffees he held in his hands, Cole said; “Here you go.”

Jacquelyn accepted the steaming hot drink from him, not that she needed it this warm April morning; thanking him for his courtesy; “Thank you sir.”

Taking a long, relaxing drag from her Menthol Light cigarette, Jacquelyn gazed out at the intersection that lay before her. The busy traffic corridor passing through the city centre thrummed with energy. Jacquelyn made it her policy to stay off Hastings; the street gave her an ill feeling, even this far west. Were it not for the fact that the Commonwealth Protection Bureau was working a case, Jacquelyn wouldn’t be caught dead sitting here at this outside table on the corner patio.

Taking a sip from her drink, Jacquelyn smiled widely as her girlfriend Brittany headed towards her, east along Hastings, proceeding to cross the street towards the pair of them. Jacquelyn quickly put out her cigarette into the nearby terracotta ashtray.

“Hey Jackie,” Brittany bent to give her a quick kiss on the right cheek, stepping onto the sidewalk next to her.

Jacquelyn grinned, pulling Brittany down onto her lap, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, saying; “How’s my baby doing?”

Brittany turned to gaze at Cole as he took a seat across from them, asking him; “Have you been keeping my girl company, Cole?”

“Not jealous are you, Brit? Like I haven’t got enough problems with Pete, as is.”

Jacquelyn asked; “How are things going with you and Pete? Are you two gonna make it work?”

“I hope so. I really do.”

Brittany wriggled about atop Jacquelyn‘s lap, attempting to get comfortable; an action for which she managed to get a bit of friction going in a very specific region. Jacquelyn clamped down the moan threatening to escape her lips, attempting to show the world she was a classy lady.

“Stop wriggling about, gorgeous. You’re getting me all excited.”

Stilling her movements, smiling in nervous embarrassment, Brittany asked Cole; “What exactly are we doing here?”

Retrieving a portable gravity wave detector from his kit, Cole read the atmospheric measurements for the intersection, placing the machine on the table in front of them. “We’re getting readings of an imminent quantum fracture forming at this intersection.”

Brittany asked; “How did you know it’d be right here at this location?”

Pointing to a series of small numerals on display in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, Cole said; “See here? That right there is the GPS location of the developing fracture in the space time grid.”

Brittany stood to stand next to Cole in front of the gravity wave detector. The two stood waiting for the machine to give them some sign of a change in the atmosphere. A moment later, there was a crackle and a pop, the air smelling like burnt toast. Cole had his little gizmo out, and he pointed it at the street as he stood on the corner, bringing to Jacquelyn’s mind a few dirty thoughts.

“Here we go. Ladies, get ready for some action.”

Jacquelyn stood up, watching in awe as the molecules in the air revealed tiny golden strands of chromatic energy. Slivering out like shards of glass, pieces of dark energy popped out in a small area above the street approximately six feet up. Then, a moment later, a handsome man lay on the side walk, appearing to have been beaten within an inch of his life. He was tall and lanky, with long dark bangs and pasty white skin. The two women hurried to the man’s side, and Cole knelt down, trying to support the fellow’s head.

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