Chapter 31: We're Fine

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Lucy's P.O.V

Apparently, the men that attacked us were wanted for multiple charges including murder, killing a cop, rape, sexual harassment, kidnapping, robbery, identity theft, and car theft.

The police officers were extremely grateful to Natsu and offered him a cash reward.

"No, I didn't really do anything." He said scratching the back of his neck.

"Sir, this is nothing to take lightly. We insist on giving you at least 200 million jewel. ($2 million)" The officer insisted.

Natsu paused, thinking. "I'll take no more than a fourth of that." He said stubbornly.

Another officer sighed, "How about half?" She suggested.

Natsu folded his arms. "No more than a fourth."

The second officer stepped forward "Please, Natsu. We know you need this. Put your pride aside and take the money."

Natsu also took a step forward. Now, he and the officer were face to face "No. More." He said sternly.

"All or none!" The officer speaks, causing Natsu to flinch.

"I choose none." He glared into her eyes, his answer was final. Natsu suddenly stepped to the side and walked out of the house.

I stand up, "Natsu, wait!"

"SHUT UP!" He yelled and started to sprint back to his house, hiding his face in his scarf.

The female officer sighs and shakes her head, "He never accepts money. That boy...he's going to starve his poor sister." She walks out, with the other officers following closely behind.

He never seems to accept help when it comes to money. I wonder why...I mean, he told me himself that he had money issues. No offense to him but his house kind of proves the point.

So why won't he accept money? It makes no sense!

<><><>With Natsu<><><>

Wendy's P.O.V

I'm so worried! No I'm not! I can't be! I will believe in Natsu!

But what if he gets hurt like last time! What if he needs my help! I need to go to them!

I stand up, determined to help my brother and future sister-in-law, when my knees wobble and give in beneath me.

I fall to the ground and sit there.

Being sick stinks!

Natsu's P.O.V

Stupid Shina! I don't need her money. We're doing just fine.

People just don't understand! I can't just TAKE their money. They can't possibly expect me to just grab their money, thank them, and leave. I need to earn it! It's my fault we have no parents to provide for us, so I need to provide for us!!

I stop right before the door and take a deep breath.

I open the door and was immediately attacked by blue fluff ball.

"Happy, calm down! It's just me!"

The blue cat stopped and stared at me as it looked me up and down.

He trotted away and back into the room where I left Wendy.

I walk in after happy and Wendy had the most relieved look on her face.

"Oh, Natsu! I was SO worried!! I'm so glad you're ok! How's Lucy~nii? She's ok too, right?"

"Yes, she's fine. Might have a few scratches but that's it." I respond.

"That's good! I'm glad you got to her house in time, that could've been a lot worse! Did you take down the bad guys or did she help?"

"I did. Lucy must've dropped her keys because I didn't see them with her."

"Hm...maybe you should train her in hand combat! You know, in case the situation comes up again, she wouldn't have to depend on you or the police or anyone else!"

"That's a good idea...I'll run it by her later. But enough about that. How are you doing? You feeling any better?"

"No, I still feel horrible!" She complains, sneezing after she finishes her sentence.

"Then you should get some rest." Big Brother Natsu said while attempting to tuck the blanket over his sick sister.

"There's no way I could sleep after all this! I'm too hyped up!" The blue-haired girl claimed.

"I'm sure you'll fall asleep somehow." He says, trying to tuck her in a second time.

"Hmph...will you at least sing to me? Pleeease??" The girl begged.

"Fine, fine. What song?" The male sighed.

"How about...I miss you?" She suggests pleadingly.

"Alright." He got his guitar from the corner of the room and strummed the beginning note.

(Play video above)

<><><>After Song<><><>

"Goodnight, Wen. Love you." He says gently as he moves some hair away from his little sister's face. He chuckled, "You seemed to fall asleep just fine..."

He smiled to himself and walked out of the room.


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