Her Violet Eyes - part 2

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"Oh Leighton honey i love you so much, you have to write me every day, and make lots of friend And don't forget to wash your clothes! and you know what the brochure said about the food just make sure you eat healthy!"

My mum was frantic, she'd reached full 'mum panic mode' and was not going to stop, i had to get out of here before she started schooling me on safe sex. Where was that taxi?

"mum i love you too! but it wont be that bad, im sure you'll survive" i joked at her "and besides, you have jeff to keep you company and not to mention your little unknown joy"

She was 3 months pregnant. Like i know i sound mean and i really do love my mum, its just... i havnt exactly been given any attention since mum met Jeff, he seems okay... but mum just kind of forgot about me. That was until i got kicked out of school.

So now she's sending me to Henningway High School For the Gifted And Talented. I don't even know what the gifted and talented part means! Oh my god, is that seriously my taxi?

a black Mercedes just pulled up to my house.

"LEIGHTON I'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH! oh my god my little girl growing up and leaving home!"

"Mum, im going to boarding school! its not like im moving out and making a career, im just going back to school!"

"yes i know darling, but i'll miss you so much, oh you be good okay, don't forget to eat your vegetables, be safe with the boys! and jsut be your self, oh and make sure you check out the martial arts classes they had to offer, i dont want my baby girl getting fat!"

I had to hug her before she said anything else embarrasing, i really was going to miss her...

i cried a bit as i got into the car.

"i love you mum"

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