13 | Who you lost your v-card to

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Date: 07.19.19
Info: who you lost your v-card to.
Note: based on your greaser.

Ponyboy: No one yet, but everyone thinks you and Pony have been sneaking around anyways.

Sodapop: A lot of Sodapop's friends got their girls pregnant. You and Soda are waiting for marriage because your so worried about having a baby.

Darrel: Darrel. You and Darrel have been dating since you were 16 so no one else was ever in the picture for you.

Dallas: Tim. Dallas hates the fact that Tim had you before him. You and Tim are just friends now but Dal still gets jealous.

Dallas loves to rub in Tim's face that your his now.

Two-bit: Bob (ew). You grew up living on the south side of town. All of your friends growing up we're socs, including your ex-boyfriend.

You and Bobs relationship didn't end well. Two-bit knows your scared of Bob because he treated you the same way he treats Cherry. Two would hurt Bob if he ever came near you.

Johnny: Johnny. Johnny is the only guy you've ever been with and probably the only one you'll ever be with.

You are both so glad to say your first time was with each other.

Steve: Dallas. You hooked up with Dallas a year before you started dating Steve.

The good thing about this is that you were just another girl to Dal so there are no lingering feelings.

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