A/N (KitsuneKon)

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I drew this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

So I am back. I also figured out were to take this from here. I'll start typing the chapter today through Saturday. So expect a chapter by Sunday. If a chapter is not out on Sunday or before Sunday go ahead and scream at me in the comments or my dms. I also will be working on Alpha Wolf and Raptor Deku so if you read either of those expect a chapter by Monday next week.

ALSO!!! There is an anime convention in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the 12 through the 14th. It is called Kitsunecon and Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin will be there. The reason I bring this fact up is because I am going to it with my family and am going to be there everyday. I should have said it soon because registration is now closed. But if anyone was planning on going those two will be there. I will be in my Izuku cosplay and I am going one day as Bakugou. My tag will have Alpha Deku on it and not my name so if you see me walking around come say hi! I'd love to talk to you guys and I'd love it even more if you came and talked to me in person.

Till next time!!

Alpha Deku

Alpha Deku

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