Chapter 39: Home Is Always Safe

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Isabella panted leaning against the wall. The sweat dripping through her warm flushed angelical face, as the man in front of her gave her a comforting smile.

"Are you okay Madam?" Isabella licked her lips with a smile, following him behind. "You need some water asap."

"Nice run Valtteri!" Isabella playfully nudged him, to which he shook his head and smiled back. "You really are an amazing bodyguard and I'm lucky to have you."

He gave her a small nod, turning on his back to find her a glass of water before taking one himself.

"Does your arm hurt?"

"Not much, the painkillers are doing a great job."

"I'm glad the Cast is off."

"So am I." A different voice replied getting into the kitchen. Isabella's heart flutter when she hears Daniel coming in, his lips finding her sweaty cheek and the top of her head. "You two clearly had some fun."

"Well yes, you can say that." Isabella explained with a shrug.

"I'm glad you have so much energy love, it's good that your body is healing so fast." He kissed her forehead again, leaning against the arms of the chair she was sitting on. "Also Valtteri loves running, it's part of his job since forever now." Daniel looked up at Valtteri who had a smirk plastered on his face, his cheeks turning slightly pink. "Thank you." Daniel said a bit serious still looking at Valtteri, the Finn was his left and right hand, his most trustworthy man, Isabella had no doubt about it and it sounded good to know that he knew he had someone nice he should cheerish.

"How was work?" Daniel watched Valtteri retiring from the kitchen after excusing himself, Isabella's big round brown eyes curiously gawking at him in expectation part of her mind deciding to ignore temporarily the Jemma situation. Daniel never said something about the women in his life, but Isabella never said anything as well, so she knew she didn't had any reason to be a bit mad at him for not saying anything. At least the men she had a past with never came to his house, while those women seemed to be always around.

"It was nice. Nothing major." Daniel shrugged it off leaning his head in his hand above the table looking at her. How much he wanted to kiss her and feel her hands, her sweat all over his body. She looked sexy and messy. "How was the jog?"

"Valtteri legit whopped my ass, he is very athletic. I couldn't keep up with his longer legs compared to mine." She laughed shaking her head and Daniel thought that was the sweetest and most relaxed he had ever seen her, of course a bit tired and maybe wanting to say something else but it was Isabella. She always wanted to say something else.

"Valtteri was in military for as long as I remember. He was always the best, even Better than Kimi himself who was the commander at the time Valtteri got in. He was too smart for military if you ask me, I'm glad he got in this with us."

"You truly like Valtteri, don't you?"

"Besides Lewis, he's the one who knows when to stop me, he knows me pretty well and I trust him with my blood. He's not my bodyguard, he's my brother and that's why I trust him and only him to protect you."

"He just needs to smile more." Isabella playfully smiled adjusting her ponytail.

"I disagree." Daniel shook his head in amusement. "What about you? You have brothers?" He asked curiously watching her face.

"A 6 year old sister." Isabella replied recollecting any memory she had of the youngster.

"6? Wow your parents are still young then."

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