Chapter Ten

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Just over a week had passed since Wyatt was born and he appeared to be doing better as the days went by. Caitlin and Barry would take turns feeding him; both times immortalized through photographs. Some time within that first week, Caitlin sent the photo of father and son to the group chat with the message:  Just so thankful for my boys. Welcome to our fast paced world, Wyatt Snow-Allen.

Both of their phones erupted with congratulatory messages. Ralph and Cecile celebrated the fact that they had ultimately won the long standing bet regarding the sex of the baby.

Now Jenna has a little friend :)

Cecile texted excitedly.

Barry went to bed every night with his mind at ease; knowing that his little family was going to be okay. However, he longed for the day that he would once again wake up with Caitlin by his side. As he continued going back and forth between home and the hospital, he couldn't help but think that meta human action was eerily quiet; too good to be true. As grateful as he was for a moment of peace, he knew better than to think it would last.

Did Cicada just give up or was he anticipating a moment where The Flash would let his guard down? Lingering at the back of Barry's mind was an option he'd rather not entertain: what if something had been happening but the team just didn't want him involved?

During his latest venture to the hospital, Barry picked up a change of clothes for Caitlin, a neatly wrapped gift from Cisco and a Harry Potter book of Caitlin's choosing. She'd read an article once about how the story improved the quality of a premature baby's life, so she thought it was worth a try.

Upon making his long awaited return to the recovery room, he'd found Caitlin finishing up feeding Wyatt. Additionally, she appeared to be in the middle of a conversation with another nurse; one who was not Violet. This one had red hair fashioned into a top knot.

"Since you're recovering from a c-section, no intercourse or other strenuous activities for six weeks" the nurse said.

"Six weeks? How are we going to make it?" Barry piped up as he entered bearing goods. He and Caitlin then shared a wink, seeing as sex was the furthest thing from their minds at the moment.

The nurse threw the couple a warm smile but shook her head in laughter as she exited the room with Wyatt.

"Here you go. One hardbound copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and a  gift from Cisco" Barry said, placing the items gently in Caitlin's lap.

Caitlin's eyes widened with intrigue as she unwrapped the flat gift box. Beneath the layers of blue and white tissue paper was an iPad exclusive to S.T.A.R. Labs. On top was a note in Cisco's rushed but decipherable handwriting; which read: It's never too late for the little man to learn the ropes. Also, we'd hate for you to miss out.

Once it had been turned on, it appeared that the device primary function was to provide a home base for Killer Frost's hologram. Additionally, there was a connection to Barry's comms so that they could still communicate. Cisco felt bad for the shortcuts that were made when Caitlin was in labor, so this was his way of making up for it.

Barry and Caitlin looked at each other, thoroughly impressed. Given how fast her powers allowed her to heal in past situations, it never occurred to that Frost may also need time to get back out there.

Barry was startled by his phone vibrating in his pocket. It was a text from Ralph:

We've got the info on Dwyer.

"Cicada calls, I guess" Caitlin shrugged, looking to Barry with her signature puppy look; which he often found hard to resist.

"It's not the same without you" Barry responded with an equally apologetic look in his eyes.

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