Chäptër Thïrty-Thrëë

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Cayden's P.O.V

I looked down at mine and Eva's joined hands, the way our fingers interlocked closely and even the way our skin color contrasted against each other. Hers was creamy and pale whereas mine was evenly tanned.

This really had no importance, but I recently found myself obsessing over the small things to help keep my mind off of Yvette and the deal I had made.

I had already come to grips with the fact that I owed her a favor--as much as I hated it-- but I was more concerned over the fact that she had destroyed Eva's necklace. I knew she cared for it, but that didn't catch my attention quite as much as the fact that Yvette wasn't simply petty. Everything she did was for a reason, and if she broke Eva's pendant, then she obviously had an ulterior motive.

And that wasn't the only thing that had piqued my suspicions. One of the other contributors was, of course, the fact that she still hadn't woken. I had asked Yvette to heal her, and her wounds did, but if she had done it properly, why wasn't she awake?

My wolf was pacing anxiously across the lengths of my mind and his silver gaze flicked across my mind's eye in an intense glare.

Something is wrong human. What is it?

I...I don't know. I'm worried too.

Well, figure it out. Leave beautiful witch. Find bad witch. Kill the fake bitch. All done.

I actually laughed at his comment, my eyes flicking back to my "beautiful witch".

I still couldn't believe just how close we had actually been to crossing that line, how close I was to losing control.

The way her hands had roamed my skin, and gods, the way her nails had raked down my back...Even the smell of her that night, honeysuckle and did things to me.

You horny human. Finish the bitch witch off, so we can mate beautiful witch. I really want to.  You do too.

I sighed at his comment, my position shifting slightly. That was the truth.

Everyone and their uncle probably knew how badly I wanted to claim Eva as mine. No matter what, her perfect body continued to resurface in my mind, the paleness of her skin, the sound of her moans... Most of it was like a moving picture, the image of her rising out of the water with her eyes squeezed closed and the moonlight shining down over her breasts. I had seen it all before-- right when I had reached the creek-- but my wolf  just continued to play it over and over again in my head, the picture only changing long enough to spotlight her body and with the erotic sight of her bare thighs wrapping my waist in a tight hold.

I gritted my teeth and forced my brain out out of the gutter, struggling to change the subject while my hands tightened instinctively over Eva's.

I can't simply kill Yvette. She is very powerful. And I can't leave Eva right now. Look at how vulnerable she is.

I watched his walking cease slightly before he turned his head away from my gaze and continued his pacing

Unless...I started. Unless you want her to stay with Dominic.

He went completely still this time and his eyes slowly opened. His pitch black fur bristled and his gaze narrowed in on me dangerously.

Are you quite mad human? You know I don't! That brother of yours seems way to affectionate over our  "Angel".

I nodded slightly in agreement, my gaze trailing over Eva's smooth face, her full rosy lips and small faerie nose. She was so beautiful....

And Dominic was much too close to her it seemed. I mean hell! He had just kissed her the other day like it was simply nothing; I couldn't help the burn of possession in my chest or the jealous growl that filled my head.

True they had grown close, but that didn't mean I suddenly had any rights tell her who she could and couldn't see. For all I knew, they could be like brother and sister, any desire for the other not daring to pass the bounds of family.

But then, almost as a reminder, a flash of Dominic's stormy eyes following behind Evangeline entered my mind, and any held back hostility came rushing back. Damn it.

Were we damned to forever love the same woman? Were we to be played yet again?

I shook my head and began to pull my hands from Eva's grasp so I could stand and maybe go for a walk, when a small intake of break caught my ear.

My head snapped over at the sound and my heart catapulted.

Mate? Mate? Is mate awake?

I ignored my wolfs sudden curiosity and hovered  over her instead, my eyes slightly widened. All of my previous thoughts vanished instantly and the only thing I was focused on now, was her face.

Her eyes squinched tightly as if in pain and her hand tightened subconsciously over mine, her lips parting. This was the most movement I had seen in days and I couldn't help the hope that filled my chest.

It only took a few minutes, but I still watched in slow motion as her eyes began to flutter and before I knew it, her eyelids shot open and the brightest purple I had ever seen filled my gaze and a gasp escaped my lips right before hell broke loose.


Shorter chapter I know, but I promised I would get it out today and I am so exhausted folks!!! Next update will be on A Demons Kiss and it will be longer, promise.

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