Trouble in the Town

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         "I think it's safe to say I've figured that out at this point!"

Neyca paused, "Then why are you still trying to fight him?"

"Because he's my opposite! This is the part where we fight to see who's better!" she shouted, the boy in front of her smirking at the challenge.

"Well, wouldn't that be a sight," the boy with an unmoving Ezlyn laughed.

"Vigrid!" Neyca reprimanded, "Stop controlling her!"

He ignored her, "As much as I would love to see the two of you smack each other around like a pair of fools, I doubt the owners share the same interest."

The rest of the group turned to look at the people cowering behind the counter in fear.

Silence rang throughout the store as they realized they'd exposed themselves. The teens stared at them, and they stared back.

"Vigrid!" Neyca hissed, glancing at the shopkeepers in worry, "Stop controlling Ezlyn already!" Her frozen form was only making matters worse as she looked in the opposite direction from others.

"Alright," he shrugged, and Ezlyn immediately fell forward into his waiting arms.

She pushed herself away from him, giving him a glare before looking away and going to stand beside Neyca and Viveca.

"Your friends are rude, and the violence was unnecessary," she whispered to them both.

"I agree," Viveca mumbled, glancing at Oulixes. "But the fight could have been worth it."

"Sorry," Neyca cringed. "We can talk about this later, but for now, we kind of have a situation on our hands," she said, nodding her head to the shop keepers.

"What- what are you people? Are you demons?" the cashier asked in fear.

The other worker peeked his head over the counter, "Vaescils?"

Viveca shook her head, "No, but don't worry. You'll be forgetting everything you saw just now."

"What?" they asked in unison.

She smiled, locking her eyes with theirs. "I said," a dull blue hue emitted from her eyes and their bodies went rigid. "You will forget everything you saw from the moment we walked into this store to when we've walked out. The extra money you've received are just tips, and the items missing were never there."

They gave a tiny nod, their eyes unfocused.

"Good!" she grinned then turned to the rest, "Now, let's go before they come out of it. I haven't mastered this skill yet so it might wear off earlier than I said."

The group looked at her with wide eyes, aside from Vigrid and Oulixes, who merely rose a brow.

"Alright but remind me to never get on your bad side," Neyca joked.

Viveca rolled her eyes and motioned for everyone to leave. Once out, they peered into the small space of the window that wasn't covered and listened through the glass.

"Make sure you sharpen the arrows, we need them fresh and ready for tomorrow," the cashier told her coworker.

That was enough to let them know they were safe, and they started on their way.

As they were walking, they discussed the best direction to head towards next.

"I'm thinking more east since we just came from the south. Where did you guys come from?" Ezlyn asked the boys.

"Direction wise, we've come from the northwest. We've never met anyone besides Neyca since we've been traveling," Oulixes answered.

Viveca nodded in understanding. "If that's the case then you're right Ezlyn, but maybe we should go northeast? Since we-" she was cut off when she felt a sudden pain in her head. Her hand went up to her temple and she closed an eye, brows furrowing.

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