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A/N: I'm not an actual american so if there are any americans reading this and its seems off, my apologies


around a month and a half has passed since Liza and I started dating. Things are going well but I honestly don't feel that spark that I felt when we first started dating. Today is the last day of school before midterm break that's next week and Liza is gonna go to some winter resort in the mountains with her family and I'm gonna stay here.

My vine account isn't doing too great but I still post as often as I can to get it to grow and take off so that hopefully I can start earning money from it but I have this Idea that i feel like will really get things started.

I'm waiting at the bus stop with Alex and Dom, talking about stupid shit and fooling around until finally our bus arrives where we go silent like the night. Liza left early so she's not gonna be here today.

I put in my ear buds and start listening to some random playlist on spotify featuring some alternative artists like Fall out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. 

soon enough we got to school and we sat on one of the benches at the front of the school just hangin' around when Zane and Heath come around with a pretty handsome looking guy

"Alright guys, meet Jeff. Jeff meet Alex, David and Dom, some of the funniest guys I know in this god awful high school" Zane exclaimed

"wooah Jeffy boy here got some botox" Alex says jokingly

"what the fuck no I didn't"

"well you're smiling and blushing so obviously you did" Dom points out

"okay fine, but you can not tell anyone!" Jeff says sternly

"w-wait what the fuck?" I burst out laughing

and before we knew it, the bell for registration went out and we were off to our form classes.

Dom was in the class next to mine and Alex's and he and I were sitting g in the back pretending to listen to the teacher when in reality we were passing notes to eachother, writing down stupid jokes or inappropriate ones to try and make eachother burst out into laughter and eventually get the other person in trouble but I didn't break and neither did he by the time the bell to first period rang. It was fun though.

We went right ahead to first class which was bio in the bio lab. Alex and I were ofcourse lab partners and sat beside eachother obviously in the back of the class cause who the fuck cares about biology. One day I'm gonna get big on vine and then earn a shit tonn of money so I don't need school or college.

we were midway through bio and suddenly a random voice is speaker through the PA system and its saying "the shark is out of the aquarium"

"alex what the fuck does that mean?" I turn to him in confusion but his face of terror speaks to me more than words need to.

"david get down under the table and hide." he says to me before helping other students and the teacher

"everybody get down on the ground and don't say anything! hide and be quiet cause your life quite certainly depends on it" Alex yelled to the class before getting back to me

the class was arranged in a certain way so that the tables have a backside to them and every table on accompanies two people. the teachers desk was piled up on the door as well as papers on the door window to make sure the shooter figured there was no one inside and we'd be safe.

suddenly we hear loud banging on the door, really really loud banging as well as a gun and I thought to myself "am I gonna get out of this alive?" but apparently Alex heard me and now he's holding my hand.

I know this isn't the time but i think I'm gay

I hold it back and close my eyes in hopes that will all be over soon.


an hour has passed but nothing has changed. I heard that the swat team is here and that they're getting students out of classrooms safely however they still haven't caught the shooters. why on earth would someone want to do this. take someone's life. it's terrible.

and there it is again, the shooting and banging on the doors. Many heart races and my mind is going places as the blood through my veins pulsates like it never has before.

this is it, this is how I'm going to die.

I interlock my fingers with Alex's and squeeze his hand in hopes that it will help me calm down but it does no good.

Alex and I are facing each other now, resting our backs on the sides of the table.

"look David, I don't know what will be the outcome of this, but I need to tell you something." he whispers to me

"I love you David, more than i friend and i know that you're not gay and that you're dating Liza but I might die here and I need you to know."

I look at him, taken back by what he said and inch closer and closer to him once the space is no more and our lips are touching.

I pull back and say "I love you too"

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