Love and Tears.

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"Mum! Dad! Please let me help you!" I yelled from my room. The fire in the hallway seperated us. I needed to help them, I needed to. I coughed as the temperatures rose to over 500 degrees. I watched helplessly as the fire destroyed my life.

"Go now! We'll be ok. Please! Jump out the window, don't worry about us!" Mum yelled, over the loud noise of our hole lives being ruined.

"I love you!" shouted Dad.

"I love you!" Shouted Mum.

A tear managed to find it's way down my cheek. Was I really going to loose them?

"I love you too!" I cried. I made my way out of the window, extremely carefully. Holding on, I tried to decide whether to take my valuable things, but decided it would be better if I didn't. I held on to the burning window sill, scared to jump. After plucking up the courage, I jumped, landing to the ground on my back. I was pretty sure I winded myself, but still got up. It was only the second story, but I was still scared. The fire brigade had already been called.

Mum and Dad still wernt out yet and the fire brigade hadn't arrived. I wanted to take things into my own hands but I couldn't. I just stood there, shouting, as if that was going to do anything.

Compared to inside, outside was cold. It was cold and dark and my parents were dying in there. I was scared! 

"Mum!" I yelled, tears now flooding my face.

"Dad!" I screamed. I released an unusually loud wail. Was they ever going to make it out?

"Somebody? Please!" I cried. I knew I couldn't rescue them alone. I needed help. One of the next door neighbours popped there head out of their window.

"Keep it down!" they projected.

"Theres a fire in my house!" I screamed.

"And? I didn't ask for that. Keep it down!"

How could someone be so cold? How could someone be so heartless? How could someone know someone else was dying but choose to do nothing about it. My heart sank. My parents were probably dead and I was standing in the cold and dark alone with my next door neighbour making it worse.

Finally, the firebrigade arrived. As soon as they had parked, 4 men in yellow wrapping took out their hoses and started spraying the house.

"What you doing!?" I screamed. "My flipping parents are in there and all you do is take out your poxy fireing hose and let them burn?"

They looked at eachother. They could tell from my face that I meant bussiness and that I was an upset 13 year old. They ran back to their truck and put their helmets on. They then ran to my front door and banged it down and ran in. I could only hope and pray. One of the other firemen took out a blanket and gently placed it over me.

"We need to get you checked out. Please step into the ambulance." He asked. I hadn't even noticed there was an ambulance there in all the craziness.

"No! Not until I see my parents safely out of there!"

There was silence.

"Whats taking them so long!?" I wondered. "I can't wait any longer! I'm going in!" I shook my blanket off and ran as fast as I could. I decided I didn't need help after all, and I was going to rescue them myself! My dreams seemed unrealistic, and the fact that couldn't happen hit me when the firemen ran after me straight away and held me tightly. I tried shake them off.

"My parents are in there! Let me in!" I cried. They firmly held me and picked me up and walked me to the firetruck. Someone picked up the blanket on the way. I lay in the ambulance wondering, what would happen to me?


Two weeks later, Mum died due to intensive burning. I had hoped dad would survived. He was getting better, but then three weeks after Mum had died, he passed on too. I had just lost both my parents. I was 13 at the time, what was I to do?

Mum had a brother and a sister. My uncle and aunty. Except, my Uncle was disabled, and lived on his own in a bedroom in a Special Carehome. My dad was an only child.

I moved in with my aunty and her husband and cousin. A year later, it was like de ja vu, another fire happened and they all died. Except me. I was 14 at the time, almost 15. I had nowhere to go, literally. My

uncle's wasn't an option, right? Wrong. I was allowed to live in his Special care home, on one condition.. I had to be his permanent carer. I had to be there everday by 4pm, to look after him. If not, I would get fired and had nowhere to live. That wasn't a problem when I had no friends. I had to move like 3 hours away from my Aunty's so I didn't know anyone. In my eyes my school was crappy and so were the people, so I would have no trouble, right? Wrong, again. One boy changed that all...


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