No more pretending: Chp 4 -the voice

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'The dear looked up towards me, it’s legs unable to move, but i could tell by the jerking and thrashing movements it was making that the parasite had scented my blood. And with that i turned Black around. Not noticing the shadow nearby watching me safe in the shade of an oak tree...'

CHAPTER FOUR: the voice

I heard him, i heard his voice- the same voice that still chilled me to the bones, the same voice that haunted me.

‘And yet again you walk away from dying creature, not listening to its cries of pain?’ i winced, his word hit hard but his voice hit harder.

I cringed and spurred my heals into Black’s flanks, not bothering to look into the face of my nightmares, dreams and so much more. If i looked, i would bring more pain to myself than i ever have, more that the time i fell out the apple tree when i was 7 and broke my leg.

The wind whipped as my face making silent tears slip down the soft skin, slightly flushed from the wind-lash. All i could hope, is that Black would be fast enough, and we would make it home.

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