Chapter 8

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(Maddy's P.O.V.)

I wake up sometime later and stretch out. That's right. Today I have a court hearing. Fun!

I get up out of bed and head over to Dani and El's room after gathering some of my own things. I knock on the door and El answers.

"Oh, hi! Come on in. We have your outfit picked out and everything," she tells me. I smile.

"Oh, thank you!" I exclaim.

Danielle tosses me a towel and I grab the clothes, shutting myself in the bathroom. I take a shower and dry my hair out a bit with the towel. I pull it into a super messy bun on the top of my head and get dressed. Pretty much everything is ready except for my hair.

I let Danielle and Eleanor inside and the two proceed to do my hair. When it's all done, I go outside and look in a full length mirror.

I'm wearing a strapless red tube top and a pair of leather legging things and a matching leather crop jacket. Danielle managed to sneak on some hoop earrings. My shoes are knee high dark red boots with flat bottoms. No, I'm not wearing heels. I strongly dislike them.

My hair is pulled back partially and it's more wavy than usual, making it look almost curly. They also got the flyaways to go away. How? I have no idea. I've never been good with that stuff.

I give a hug to each of the girls and head back to the boys' room. Niall is out of his bed while Zayn and Liam are still sleeping. Harry and Louis are in the bathroom, having a shaving cream war.

I gather up some things I'll need when two strong arms circle around my waist and lift me up into the air. I try to look back at the person, so they lift me up higher and then set me back down on my feet.

"Okay, Niall, what was that?" I question, smoothing down my outfit a bit. He laughs.

"Sorry, lass. I saw you over here and I just had to," he explains. I roll my eyes.

"Nice excuse," I reply, getting on my tiptoes and doubling him over to give him a noogie as revenge.

"So that's how we're playing it, huh?"

"Niall! No! I have somewhere important to go and it took Danielle and Eleanor forever to do my hair!" I squeal. Niall starts to chase me around the room. I scramble over couches and chairs before shutting myself in the bathroom.

"Maddy? Maddy! Come on out! I know you're in there!" he shouts through the door.

"No!" I protest.


I look over at Harry with a handful of shaving cream, standing there in his boxers with shaving cream smears on his stomach and neck. At least Louis has the decency to wear some pants!

"Hi guys! I'll only be in here for, like, a minute," I state. Harry shrugs and the two boys start to clean themselves up.

After about a minute, I creep out of the bathroom to find Niall standing with his back to me, arms crossed, talking to a newly woken up Liam. I smirk and tiptoe behind him, giving him a tight surprise hug. He gasps and then spins around and bear-hugs me.

"That's what you get," he jokes, letting me go. I laugh a bit and fix my hair again. I normally wouldn't care, but I'm going out to something important. I can't afford to look bad.

"Ugh. Whatever, Niall," I joke back with a playful wink. He smirks and I notice a red tint in his cheeks. Interesting.

"Come now, come now! We have to get you to the court! Paul's gonna drive you. He's waiting by the elevator in the lobby," Louis tells me, emerging from the bathroom with Harry and pushing me gently away from Niall and to the door.

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