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Part Two.

Angela shut her eyes while inhaling the fresh air. The area was fairly quiet. Way quieter than the area she'd been living in for the past twenty-two years.

"Come on bitch! We ain't got all day!" Her favorite cousin, Rayne yelled as she leaned on her red Kia Sportage.

"Damn, can I get a moment to inhale the fresh air? Shit, it smells like fish and piss in there." Angela rolled her eyes before walking over to her. She took one last look at Marietta County Women's Prison before flashing both of her middle fingers at the prison guards. She was finally a free woman.

"You can stop and smell the roses once we get back in the city. Now give me a hug!" Rayne yelled before embracing her with a hug. They rocked from side to side as tears fell down their faces. "It's been a long time."

"Yeah. Twenty-two years to be exact. How's everything? Where's my baby?" Angela asked while examining the backseat of the car. "Where's my baby Rayne?"

"Well for starters, your baby ain't your baby no more-"

"Yeah I know she's a grown woman. Did you show her pictures of me like I told you to?" She asked. Angela wasn't comfortable with allowing her daughter to see her in prison. She didn't think it was a good place for a child.

"No I'm serious Ang. Your baby ain't your baby no more. She's grown but she doesn't know a damn thing about you. I tried raising her but Maxine and Hasani took her in since he is her father."

"What?! You let that bitch raise my daughter?" Angela's blood was boiling at this point.

"There wasn't nothing I could do. Hasani threatened to take me to court. I didn't even watch her grow up. Maxine took her in and forgot all about her family."

Angela let out a loud sigh. "Take me there. Take me to see my daughter now."


Once dinner was over, Hassan walked through the spacious backyard while holding Harley's hand. His family members stood around mingling with each other, being fake as usual.

"This backyard is huge." Harley admired the freshly cut grass, trimmed bushes, and a cobblestone pathway that led them to a smaller house.

"My grandmother designed the entire house by herself. From the pool house to the main house. My father just paid someone to bring her dreams to reality."

"She has good taste. This home looks like it's meant for a Queen."

"Thank you." His grandmother spoke while standing behind them. Harley's cheeks grew hot. She didn't know that his grandmother was standing behind them. "I'm Hassan's grandmother, Catherine Forde."

"I'm Har-"

"I know who you are Miss Harley Daniels. Hassan talks about you all the time."

"He does?" A smirk appeared on Harley's face as Hassan's cheeks grew hot.

"Yes all the time. You're staying here for the weekend right?"

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