Part 7

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In Payash Room,

"Apko pata tha phir bhi aapne hamein batana zaroori nahi samjha? (you knew it all along but didn't u found it necessary to inform me?)" Payal asked in disbelief.

"I got to know about it today itself, if i had known it before i would have told u." Said Akash looking into her teary eyes.

"Ugh! Acha theek hai. Aapko aaj hi pata chala, par khushi... Usse toh pata tha na phir bhi usne hamein batana zaroori nahi samjha! (Ugh! Fine. U got to know about it today itself, but Khushi... She knew it all along but still didn't found it necessary to confide in me!)" She said sadly.

"Am i a bad sister?" She asked looking at him with teary eyes.

Akash shook his head and took her in a hug.

"U r the best sister one can get." He said.

"My feisty Payal. Bhai ne bataya tha ki tum kaise unpe baras padhi thi! (My feisty Payal. Bhai told me how u almost burst out on him!)" He said trying to ease her out. She chuckled in tears and smacked on his chest lightly.

"But i don't get one thing that if bhai loves Khushi ji and she too loves him, then did she ended up marrying Nk?" He voiced out his thoughts.

Listening his words Payal went into deep thinking.

I am alright jiji, and everything will be alright soon!!

Everything will be alright soon!!

She jerked out of her thoughts bringing him out of the trance.

"What's wrong?" He asked seeing her Disturbed look.

"Shyam!!" She whispered in surprise.

"Jeeja ji??" He frowned not getting her point.

Is he behind this? He can stoop at any level to get his means.

"Payal??" He called her out slowly.

"Hamne... Hamne aapse ek bohot bada sach chupaaya hai. (I... I have hidden a big thing from u.)" She said looking away.

"Payal... Look at me!" He said turning her to face him.

He squeezed her palms giving her the silent support which she needed the most.

She began to tell him everything, right from the beginning.

Their first meet in Lucknow, when he saved Khushi from the clutches of some goons.

Him staying in their house as PG after coming to Delhi. Him claiming himself to be an orphan.

Later his engagement with Khushi which was a huge blow to him.

She ended up telling him the way his truth was revealed to them and his real face.

Akash stood up with a perplexed look. It was too much for him.

The one whom he respected and idolized all these years was just a facade.

Payal stood with a bated breathe fearing his answer.

Will he believe her, or Shyam?

"Ak... Akaash ji?" She whispered.

Akash sighed sensing the fear in her tone and turned towards her.

"I am sorry... I didn't mean to!! I was... Just..." She stuttered with tears.

Cupping her cheeks he whispered "I trust you!!"

The three simple words was what she needed right now.

She hugged him with all her might and burst into tears.

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