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Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Thor, Bruce, Rhodey, Natasha, Clint, Steve.

Tony: Hey panini heads.

Steve: I thought you retired.

Tony: I thought you were a fossilized carcass. Oh, no just old.

Steve: 😐

Steve: Okay. That's way too much hostility and I don't even know what I did. Wish you were still retired.

Tony: I AM still retired. What, can't text ya?!

Steve: Not with that aggressiveness, no.

Thor: this is so good! just like old times yes my friends what a pleasure to message you all!!!!

Rhodey: lmao thor remember when you used to speak Shakespearean

Thor: What, mayhap, do thy words mean? Pop...pop... Avengers tower, home of mother's drapes.

Rhodey: ok stop.

Thor: 😘

Bruce: This is. . . I am crying. Just a little bit. The chat!! Is BACK, babies!

Bruce: And Thor, buddy! Where are you nowadays?

Thor: across the universe in search of a green knives woman. gaa..gamora!!

Thor: And my snake brother. I've been following his trail of vandalized space diners, his unpaid tab is his downfall

Thor: it's really nice I'll send you pictures.

Natasha: Can't say I haven't missed this, because then I'd be lying.


Clint: I thought you were DEAD. I mean, I still held onto the hope that you were alive somehow but, NATASHA.

Natasha: Steve gave me his lil back to the future device. YOU KNOW THIS. Hence why Steve is. . .old.

Thor: i am so very much glad u are not dead natasha

Rhodey: Don't know what I'd do without you, Nat. Only other sane person here.

Natasha: Thanks, boys.

Clint: NATASHA?????

Steve: SEE, TONY. I'm old for a good reason. Quit being bitter!

Tony: You're asking the impossible of me.

Clint: NATASHA!!!!

Rhodey: You know when Clint told me what happened I was so imagining you hurling his skinny ass off that damn cliff.

Clint: Whoa. Okay there buddy.

Rhodey: Like Miss Black Widow over here won't do anything for the greater good? Yeah, I like her more than you, buddy.

Clint: Damn, did you and Tony like, Idk, get rusted in your suits bc this is an ASSAULT on my life.

Clint: JEEZ

Clint: NATASHA!!!!!!

Natasha: CLINT you know I've been alive this whole time. I just sent you like six memes on the gram.

Clint: I know but I just get so excited over your existence.

Thor: where is. . . my LOVE

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