Small Town Secrets part 2

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carries dad is sitting on his recliner half asleep, carrie goes down stairs....

hey sweetie hows ur day?

great dad and about to get better! says carrie evily

carrie calls damien *RING RING*

"Hey damien, u ready?"

"yeah carrie but are you sure u want to do this?"

"yes damien i am just promise me one thing."

"whats that?"

"promise me you'll love me forever no matter what, and stay on my side."

"you think we'll get caught?"

"maybe damien i dont know for sure"

"we better not" says damien madly

"what would u do if we did get caught?" asks carrie curiously

"i would still keep our secret" said damien lovingly

"i love you damien"

"i love you carrie"

they hang up.

damien goes to carries house and gets her they go back to his house.

"Damien!!!! how ready are you for this?"

"lets just get this over with." damien says kinda madly


so damien and carrie go up to her dads room and they notice he is sleeping..

they decide this is the perfect time to commite the perfect murder!

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