Chapter 41: Radiance To The Rescue

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Aderyn's wings fluttered, unnerved, as she stood before the set of stairs.

They tapered down to darkness, where the way was abruptly halted by a set of wooden boards, marred by layers of graffiti, blocking the entrance into the Subway, itself.

To anyone else, they merely lead to a dead end, an impassable wall. The people knew that there was something on the other side of those thin slabs of decade-old wood, but whilst ever it was out of sight, it remained out of mind, as well.

Until today.

The Legacies crowded around the top of the stairs.

'Are you sure you saw the scorpion come out of here?' Jasper folded his arms, glancing back at Quentin. 'Those boards don't look like they've been moved in a while.'

'I'm positive,' the girl replied. She was visibly trembling, and Ryn couldn't very well blame her. This was her first real field-mission, to start off with. Add to that the fact that they were likely facing off with the Silver Scorpion, himself, and there was more than reason enough to be scared. 'It crawled right out of here, with the Scorpion's two Blanks riding on its back.'


'Yeah, those mind-controlled people. They all have such blank expressions.... The name seemed fitting.'

'Well, rather than discussing the matter out here, where people can see us,' Colt gestured to a few pedestrians who were giving them weird looks, 'let's go down and take a look for ourselves, shall we?'

'Right, good idea.'

Colt led them down, pausing in front of the boards.

'Do you want me to blast it?' Jackson lit up one of his fists with a plume of orange flame.

'Wait,' Colt held up a hand, and the fire dwindled out. 'We shouldn't rush in before we know what we're getting ourselves into. Elliot, can you see what's beyond this wall?'

'That's the strange thing....' Elliot murmured, stepping forwards. 'I don't actually think there's a wall here.'

'What do you mean there's no wall here?' Darcy frowned.

'Oh, there's something here, alright; a slight, electric haze. But it doesn't have the same consistency as a solid object.'

'Right, so... the blind kid can't see a wall, therefore there is no wall,' Jackson murmured. 'Sounds legitimate, to me.'

Colt ignored them both, instead reaching forth to warily rap his knuckles on the boards.

Only, they passed right through. He narrowed his eyes, took a single step forward.... And disappeared.

'Oh my god, it's a portal to another dimension!' Darcy shrieked loudly, causing more than one team member to block their ears. 'We've lost him forever!'

'Seriously?' Colt's voice reached them from the other side, sounding somewhat amused. 'It's some kind of a hologram. Come on, the coast is clear.'

'Huh, look at that,' Elliot mused, walking pointedly past Jackson, and through the false boards, 'Blind Kid, one. Flamethrower... zero.'

'Yeah, yeah,' Jackson grumbled, following suit, as Quentin giggled from somewhere near the back of the group. 'No need to rub it in.'

Ryn walked through the holographic wall, next, feeling a moment of disorientation as she passed into a space so dark compared to the street outside.

In fact, as she watched the others pass through, the only ones who didn't react in a slightly perplexed manner, were Elizabeth and Darcy. It didn't surprise her; those two made a living off of passing through walls, this kind of experience was all old hat by now, she suspected.

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