Parents of Criminology Part II

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Parents of all Criminologist:   Cesare Lombroso – Father of Modern and Empirical Criminology.
Cesare Bonesa Beccaria – Father of the Classical School of Criminology. Dr. Hans Gross – Father of Criminalistics and Criminal Investigation.
Dr. Paul Kirk – Considered as the Father of Criminalistics in U.S.
Dr. John Larson-  Father of Polygraphy.
Leonardo Keeler – Father of Modern Polygraphy.
Albert Osborn – Father of Questioned Documents.
Metheu Orfila – Father of Toxicology.
Henry Fox Talbot –  Father of Modern Photography.
Oldenbertch-  Father of Police Photography.
Paulus Zacchias – Father of Legal Medicine.
Dr. Pedro P. Solis – Father of Legal Medicine in the Philippines.
Calvin H. Goddard – Father of Ballistics.
Alphonse Bertillon – Father of Anthropometry and Personal Identification.
Marcelo Malphigi- The Grandfather of Dactyloscopy.
Johannes Purkenjie – Father of Dactyloscopy.
Edmond Locard – Father of Poroscopy.
William James Herschel – Father of Chiroscopy.
Edward Richard Henry – Father of Fingerprint.
Juan Vucetich – Father of Fingerprint in Argentina and some Spanish speaking countries.
Alexander Maconochie – Father of Modern Penology and Parole.
Jonh howard – Father of Prison Reform.
Zebulon Brockway-  Father of Prison Reform and Parole in U.S.
Mathew Davenport Hill -  Father of Probation in England.
John Augustus – Father of Probation.
Teodulo C. Natividad – Father of Probation in the Philippines.
August Comte – Father of Sociology and Positivism.
Giamvbista Dela Porta – Father of Physiognomy.
Franz Joseph Gall – Father of Phrenology/Cranioscopy.
Ada Juke – Mother of all Criminals.
Sigmund freud – Father of Psychoanalysis.
Robert Peel – Father of Modern Policing System.
August Vollmer- Father of Police Professionalism and Law Enforcement.
Frederick the Great – Father of Espionage.
Joseph Fauche – Father of Counter Espionage.

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